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#Chronic #Kidney Disease is a condition that pushes the patient towards complicated and expensive kidney transplant procedure. In Vivo Stimulation of #Stem #Cells followed by Growth Factors and Stem Cell Injections can eliminate the need of transplant and dialysis by repairing the diseased organ. To know more :

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I just wanted to share our worldwide STEM challenge Hangout on Air that happened today. We had an awesome time and it was so great to have people all over the world getting fired up about #STEM !

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As a STEM graduate, I feel this article articulates many of the struggles of STEM in higher ed.  The "grade gap" and sink or swim are incredibly prevalent at top tier research universities and difficult for students to overcome.

I think working towards the opportunity that a STEM degree provides is such an important end goal to keep in mind.  

How have you seen students in STEM fields successfully navigate the waters? Any pro-tips or success stories?  
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