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How to have full-screen in minecraft-pi

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Get making with paper with issue 6 of HackSpace magazine, including a free automated barking dog for you to assemble. You'll also find a heap of tutorials and interview, plus a huge profile on blacksmith YouTuber Alec Steele.

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"I always ready the Raspberry Pi Weekly newsletter!" exclaims Raspberry Pi's Director of Education Carrie Anne Philbin.

Be like Carrie Anne and check out this week's edition, packed full of newness and wonderment!

And, as always, don't forget to subscribe!
Dojo - Raspberry Pi
Dojo - Raspberry Pi

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All greetings! I ask for feedback.
Now I'm working on a lamp project that changes the color temperature. In simple terms, its light can be adjusted from bright white to warm ("yellow", as many people used to call it).

- Do you think it is necessary?
- Where do you think it could be applied?
- Wishes. What is there to change? (form, format, dimensions, add functionality, etc.)
I will be grateful for any answers and advice!

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Would you like to walk on the "dark side" without stumbling? With this project you can do it because if you have a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a compatible IR Camera you can create these DIY Night Vision Goggles.
More info in my blog +Raspberry Pi +The MagPi magazine

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Coolest Projects, the world-leading showcase that celebrates young digital creators, is coming to north America.

Young makers aged 7 to 17 can exhibit their projects, whether they're a member of CoderDojo or Code Club, a student of a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, or part of the Raspberry Jam community at large. All levels of experience are welcome, and no project is too big or too small.

Find out how young makers can take part, and how to get your tickets to see their amazing work at this free, family- and educator-friendly event.

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I created a new case rear cover for my touchscreen Raspberry Pi / Wolfson sound card music player, which a work colleague printed for me on a cheap printer.
The design is shared on Tinkercad for anyone to use / modify. Going to fit a diffuser and backlight the Raspberry Pi logo :)

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With this simple video tutorial from Electronics Hub, you can add colour sensing to your Raspberry Pi project and reach the next level of awesome with your builds.

How would you incorporate colour sensing into your Raspberry Pi project? We're rather taken with the idea of a Skittles sorter here at Pi Towers.
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