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Assembled pcb for Raspberry Pi based plc with Rs232, rs485, CAN, relay outputs, opto isolated inputs, optional Lora ....

Where will this community move to when g+ closes down as announced?

greetings, cw

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Hey all,

I've published a small open source web radio player based on mplayer and with a responsive web ui made with Angular and Angular Material.

It runs successfully on my Raspberry pi 2 since last saturday (old Raspbian 7 wheezy, node v6.14, Linux 4.9.16, mplayer 2.1.0 rc4).

With this small application, you can :

* play a web radio on your Raspberry Pi
* play a web radio on your web browser of your laptop / desktop / mobile / tablet (all but Internet Explorer)
* add, duplicate, edit and delete web radios from the library

Open source code freely available here :

This application is build to run in a local network, not a public one.

In the web radio library provided in the package, maybe some url are not up to date, some web radios may not work.

I'd be happy to get some feedback about this app !

Dear Comminity Administrator, google+ will be closed soon ? Why don't you migrate to another social ?


Why is my Raspberry Pi on a 4:3 rainbow display?

today I have probably somewhat of a noob-question: I have an image of a system based on Tiny Core Linux (bootable from USB or CD) and I wonder, if it is possible (with reasonable amount of effort) to make it run on a RasPi (as there is PiCore). And if the answer is yes: could somebody hint me in the right direction on how to accomplish this task?

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Build a Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center (RetroPie + Kodi)

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IPS 4" 720*720
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