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Last year, we made this community request-to-join, because too much spam was making it through Google's filters and into the community. Approving join requests generates a lot of daily work for our team of staff and volunteers, and we always hoped it would be a temporary measure, so we're going to try allowing people to join without approval once more.

Please do not post "thank you for accepting me" posts or any other posts that are not related to Raspberry Pi.

If you see any inappropriate content here, please report it (click in the top right corner of the post > Report abuse). We'll keep an eye on how things go. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Schematics available on github reposit to build your own airhat moke-up.

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Connecting a NDIR CO2 sensor to Raspberry Pi:

If there are any people interested in connecting a K30 CO2 sensor to their Raspberry Pi, here is some Python code I wrote that does that. The code is part of a larger open source project, but it is pretty generic, so it should work on any platform, as long as you can access a serial com from your Python program. I personally found the NDIR K30 sensor a lot easier to use than the less expensive electrochemical sensors, mainly because K30 is a self-calibrating digital sensor - (so yes, no calibration work needed). The sensor can also be connected using I2C. (a github repo for Arduino link is provided in the tindie sensor description)

Github repo:

Link to our open source Raspberry Pi Liv Pi indoor air quality monitor project:

Sensor link:

I have a question for all my pi friends. I have several raspberry pi 3's and 4 pi zero w's. I have a security camera system at my house and I'm able to login remotely to view my cameras. Now I'm able to setup different users on my security camera system so they can login and view the cameras. What i'm not able to do is setup an alert when someone is viewing the cameras. So what I want to know if it's possible to setup a raspberry pi to monitor the network and send me an alert when someone connects to the camera system? The reason i'm asking my mother-in-law has a user account and I want to know when she is connecting to the computer system. I could just remove her account but my wife insist she has an account so she can see the cameras. I just want to be alerted when she connects and also keep a log of how many times she connects a day so I can show my wife. I have a camera in my living room and I feel like i'm being spied on in my own house now. Plus if I get an alert she is looking maybe I can play helicopter when she is looking and maybe that will stop her from looking at my cameras. If you know a way to do this and can point me in the right direction on how to set this up that would be great. Thanks 

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Raspberry Pi 3 TOR WIFI access point for your guess at home and in your business. I tested and It's working. Don't forget to disable the SSH after everything is working. I have unlimited access and It's the safe way to share It for my neighbor.

i need to use RPI3 as wifi repeater. I've been looking for it for a long time, but I've never found anything right or it did not work right. I need to raspberry pi was connected to some wifi, and broadcast with internal wifi chipset and antena. Of course, when i connect to wifi boradcasted by RPI3, i get an access to internet.

thanks for any suggestions.

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Create an Access Point with a web server on It. No internet but the web still live. Nice way to clone some webpage with HTTrack or other and distribute It on remote location. Exemple : Wikipedia, tutorial website, technical website and so one. Those websites that share knowledge to enhance living.

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This guide will walk you through how to install and setting up an Arduino board to work with Raspberry Pi 3 having in common ROS Kinetic.

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I put you in situation: Mid 90's. Time for 56Kb modems, CD-Rom drives with 4x speed and Microsoft surprises to the world with Windows 95. Meanwhile, other graphical operating systems try to take presence promising better performance. The two most controversial were QNX and BeOS for PC...
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