Brent Phillips

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Agenda: To learn some basic uses of numbers and variables in Python
Brent Phillips originally shared:
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Community Hangout #2
Tomorrow, April 20, 8:00 AM EDT

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Samer Amin

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My first RPi kit. Eager to explore its potential for industrial applications.
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looks good. I need to get familiar with the RPi first.
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Cameron Smyllie

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Feelin' great.
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I am, why don't you,also???
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Open Source development board but also a Solar BMS for any type of Lithium batteries and supercapacitors for anything that needs power for me is the OffGrid House and a solar powered robot.
Based on ARM cortex M0 and has a USART port that if connected to a raspberry Pi running an web-server may be use for remote monitoring of the power generation.
It can be used with 3s up to 8s Lithium cells and self power consumption is just 25mW
Can raspberry Pi be in sleep low power mode and wake up by Solar BMS optically insulated USART?
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Just got a raspberry pi was wondering what OS would be the best?
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Try the noobs installer from raspberry pi site. It allows you to try several os's and you can do a clean reboot if you make mistakes :-) it is very newbie friendly way of testing the pi.
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We are very pleased to show first image our expansion board for Raspberry Pi.
This expansion board will be a very important hardware component of  "wentook connector 1.0".
We are in final software testing, and we will show their interesting features soon, in
#internetofthings #opensourcehardware #wentook  
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tutorial on setting up nginx and lighttpd along with mysql/phpmyadmin
How to set up a lightweight web server on Raspberry Pi
There are a variety of web server software available for Linux-based platforms including Raspbian. Using the available web server software, we can turn Raspberry Pi into a 24/7 available portable web server. In this case, however, we must remember that Raspberry Pi has hardware limitations in terms of CPU clock speed, memory, etc. As such, …Continue reading...
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The last part of this artcle shows how to control a circuit with Python. 
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Greetings all,

Twice in the past month we've had instances of child enticement. First down the street from us and yesterday right around the corner from our house... I'd like to put my capabilities to work against this schmuck.

That said, I've been able to easily make a motion sensitive surveillance system using my Raspberry Pi - BUT - it's to darn sensitive. Taking pics/video when even just the lighting levels change from a cloud passing overhead.

This morning I've started reading into license plate recognition systems for the Pi. I'd like to configure it to only take a picture (from our front window) only when it recognizes a license plate, so that I don't have a million and a half pics.

Ultimately I'd like to have a data dump to provide to the local police should this happen again. That way if a description of the vehicle is known they can go through the pictures for any potential matches.

That said, has anyone experience with this kind of configuration? I'm only a couple of hours into looking into this.

This would be on an non-networked Pi saving to a flash drive and I'd be the only one with access to the data.
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On every pi I run I save data to a USB drive. I learned that lesson on my first project haha.

I thought about recording more but I'd be concerned that I wouldn't have enough storage space to keep potentially weeks of files. In this case it's been about 4-5 weeks since the first incident where this schmuck tried to entice two girls into his truck with candy that were walking to my son's school.
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I have a startech USB 3.0 hub that dosent work with Linux and startech provides no drivers for Linux. Is there a way to get it to work on my raspberry pi or is it a lost cause? Thanks. 
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I have tried it and it dosent work. Startech also dosent list Linux as being a supported operating system. 
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Bart Bania

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Printerize your beloved Raspi and share the printing service across your local network with CUPS!
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Nikunj Lad

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My desktop computer crashed recently and the disk was corrupted, so instead of taking a new one I was thinking of using the Pi. Is it possible to boot windows from the Pi or only Linux distros work on the Pi?? Can I connect a harddrive externally to the Pi and boot windows from it???
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Well your desktop is old enough it only runs a PATA hard drive. You still have options with it. You could run Linux on CD or dvd rom, SD card with a USB adapter. Or you could pay a premium for a New Hard Drive or find an inexpensive used drive. Best of luck with your raspberry pi. But still saying you have options with your old PC before recycling it.
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Troy Simpson

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Sample data capture from the environmental monitoring project (see previous posts for info).
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Thanks for that +Guido Stepken.  This is a case where you want some points smoothed and some not.  For example, temp, humidity, dewpoint & CO2 could be smoothed, whereas dB and movement should remain spikey.  Anyway, the graph is just there for monitoring, the researcher will apply his own algorithms where he needs to.
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Gabriele Baris

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Hi guys! I have a wonderful Rasberry Pi and I would like to turn it into a Nas, so, searching on the internet, I found that it's possible with OpenMediaVault. I follwed this guide
but I have some troubles at the end of the installation.
Here's the error:

Si sono verificati degli errori nell'elaborazione:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I'm's in italian, but I hope someone would understand and help me
Thanks a lot
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ok...I think I found...I removed wolfram-engine and everything seems to work
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raspberry pi on my face

here is a raspberry pi goggles project i that i'm almost done the initial build on.. this pi i call goblin.. just need to wire the level shifter to connect the raspberry pi and arduino (i've been using usb for previous projects), properly mount the accelerometer (using packing tape at the moment), and waiting for the video glasses screens part to come in.. using the 320x240 video screen insert from these .. .. 320x240 will work well for me with the raspberry pi, especially when i start to play with opencv on it ..

.. you can see no ir filter pi camera board mounted in the front, have 50 IR leds to wire up and test out IR night vision.. mounted in the front is also a sonar range finder, gauges distance from 10 cm to 3 meters by bouncing sound, like a bat .. inside the front box is a triple axis accelerometer with compass, so the arduino/raspberry pi always know which direction the head/camera/sonar range are facing .. as the head is moved around, the distances, matched up with the direction facing, and tilt angle, will be recorded to a database.. on the screen, as the head is moved, the non expired data will be accessed,represented as far away readings being black and closer distance readings on a gray scale with white objects being very close.. sonar vision, like on fishing boats .. will have to attach some small microphones and boost the gain for more sensitive hearing .. i have a few more sensor ideas to eventually test on the platform ..
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never hurts to have your batteries topped up at any time, useful for charging anything during the day as well as Pi related dark goggle business ;-) 
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Has anyone managed to compile/port node-webkit for the Pi or anyone has a binary for it?
It appears that it is quite the task and I have not found much information for the porting apart from a couple of outdated discussions and guides.
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