Hey imma post something.
Need 4 characters for the ghosts, 1 for yoshikazu, 1 for yoshie, and 3(pick names) and me for the students. Gonna be a long rp, hopefully.
Gonna wait till i get all the charactors to start.

Our group is doing the sachiko Ever after.
You(name3), Me and (name2) (name1).
(Name2) pulled out the charm, and explained everything. We all pulled apart the sachiko doll. And before we knew it, we were whisked away during an earthquake.

Space one:
Me and (Name2)
Space 2
Space 3

You can choose either Yoshikazu, one of the ghosts, Yoshie, or (Name1,2 and 3) with a name, though.

Kay! See yall soon!
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