is in the castle i wish my father would return my ears flatten and leans on one of the walls

Runs through the forest while being chased by wolves Not again Keeps running and thinks Dad where are you?

Is walking in the unknown forest and I have my cape on with my hoodie on

Passed out in the middle of the forest

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Is walking in the forest in my angel form
(Open RP)

Is in the castle and I look at my charm as it starts glowing cause my dad (+Shadow the Hedgehog)  comes up behind me

Watching TV on the couch with +Princess Samantha

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+Terri Flame Rose enzo at ur service princess tezza ^^

Is walking through the market with my cape on and my hood, while im walking I see one of the guards but he doesn't recognize me, keeps walking and I get a rare rose

running around market in cloak,trying to get away from the knights who call me a "street rat" and try to lock me up,accidentally bumps into someone,realizing its a knight O_O ((open rp))
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