Just starting my next novel set in 1885. Such a time of political and technological change makes it so difficult to push the envelope a bit but stay true to the basic truths of the period.

how long does the queen life before she pass away?

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Under his Guidance, book two in the White Rose Trilogy by the international best selling author, Stacy Von Haegert. This series is a fast paced historical romance, action adventure series. 
King Henry Vll died believing he eliminated his archenemy’s bloodline completely. He died believing that the Plantagenet's reign was nothing more than a dot on the walls of history... He was wrong...
London 1839. Present day.
Edward Kingston lives by a strict moral code; indulge in pleasure. As the second son of the infamous Richard Kingston, The Duke of York is advisor to the Queen and descendant of one of the greatest bloodlines to ever rule England, he knows the importance of the role he has to play. His focus is centered on taking the title of ¨Overall Rake¨ to encompassing new heights rather than owning up to his own title as The Earl of Wellington. Never would he have thought that his father would call upon him to instruct another on proper etiquette, let alone a stunning new debutante.
Morgan Sinclair has more than a few secrets she wishes to stay hidden. When her mother suggests a Season getaway to fashionable London, she is more than happy to oblige. She knows her aunt, the duchess, has plenty of lessons in store to prepare her for her grand debut. The only lesson for which there is no adequate preparation is how to manage the charismatic Earl of Wellington.
A cloud of mystery and suspense wraps around the two as the Kingston’s turbulent past rises up to challenge the notorious family and ruffle the feathers of London’s elite haute-ton. 
amazon http://amzn.to/1HV78Cx B&N http://bit.ly/1MDO3ay

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_gBXpV33Ik

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Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England. On Nov 23rd 1499 a country, divided in secret, watched as King Henry sat from atop his red velvet throne. They watched with baited breath as the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, nodded his regal head and smiled towards his beautiful Irish wife. No cheers rang out it was said when the scaffolding was kicked out from under his feet. Not a word was muttered when the body of who most of the world believe to be Richard, the only living son of Edward of York was cut down. The last of the passionate, mysterious and chivalrous Plantagenet’s bloodline fell to the ground with a thousand dropped white roses from loyalist hands on that cold winter’s day. It was then said, the carriage carrying the young widow on her way home was called to a stop by a stream. The beautiful raven-haired woman exited the rig, bowed her head and dropped a single white rose into the babbling brook. As the delicate petals drifted down and into their watery grave she recited a poem, her palm laid to rest on her abdomen.
It fell with no thought at all… It landed with a graceful, yet deliberate nod. So accepting was its fate. So brilliant its sacrifice. Trusting with knowledge that its loss would be felt and eventually its death, avenged…It fell with no thought at all, save one…My son…
Ireland 1840
Perkin Kingston has lived his life making the right decisions. He was the eldest to the Kingston line and has always taken the role seriously. He had coupled his skills and natural talents into the perfect example of what an advisor to the royal crown should be. He held lands, tiles and more money than he could ever have need of. Most importantly, Perkin had the love of his cherished family. But…Every star does eventually fall.
Shay Gallagher is used to being disappointed but when the new Laird on the hill shows up and robs her of her already dwindling household staff she has had enough. She was prepared to call the new Laird out. She was prepared to slander his name. She was prepared to hate him. However, she was not prepared to find him unreasonably attractive, dangerously intelligent and slightly broken. Shay was definitely not prepared to want to know more. How could something so beautiful have so many scars…
Secret upon secrets threaten Perkin and his family at every turn. Will he avenge his father? Will he restore his name after more of his past mistakes crawl out to challenge him? Will he end up like his namesake did 400 years ago? Or will the rightful heir finally take the throne…
Born of the blood. Burned into history…
Book three in the White Rose trilogy by Stacy Von Haegert.
If you're not a fan of this fast paced historical romance/ action adventure yet, get started with Under his Protection, book one in the White Rose trilogy. http://www.amazon.com/Stacy-Von-Haegert/e/B00GIUT0LQ

Victorian purity was often not found in written work with a significant number of "underground " publishers producing licentious fiction and artwork in abundance.

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Just joined per invitation from NJ Slater. Thank you. I'm a writer. I've published some articles, mostly about disability. Right now I'm working on my 1st novel.

Thanks for the invitation.  I'm a writer currently working on a novel set in western North Carolina in the years 1854-1856.

H Rider Haggard wrote books that epitomised the Victorian ideal of the adventurer in Empire. Very much of their time in style and attitudes but I think they still make good reads. I wonder if anyone reads them anymore, books such as Allan Quartermain and King Solomon's Mines?

Though somewhat hijacked by steampunk, I find the sheer pace of development, good and bad in this period makes it exciting to write in and read about
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