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Update on 18 Jan 2018 Wear Policy Change
Back in August 2017, we announced a policy change for 18 Jan 2018 to encourage developers to build standalone Wear applications and adopt multi-APK delivery. Since then, developers reported unexpected latency between when a user installs a mobile app and when the corresponding Wear app is installed via multi-APK on Wear 1.0 devices. As a result, we are postponing the policy change related to multi-APK for Wear apps, but will go ahead with other policy updates on Jan 18.

Therefore on 18 Jan 2018, as previously announced we will:

1) remove the “Enhanced for Android Wear" badge in the Google Play Store from mobile apps that support Wear notification enhancements but do not have a separate Wear app
2) only feature apps in the Google Play Store on Wear that are standalone, i.e. Wear apps that do not require a mobile app to run.

We will, however, postpone the requirement that apps support multi-APK in order to receive the “Enhanced for Android Wear” badge. As a result, developers that bundle their Wear app with their mobile app, to support Wear 1.0 users, will continue to receive the badge for now. If your app supports both standalone and Wear 1.0 users, you will need to separately upload the Wear APK, in addition to bundling your Wear app with your mobile app.

We will continue to work on the latency issue around multi-APK delivery for Wear 1.0 devices, and will update the developer community when it is resolved. We will then proceed to remove the badge from non multi-APK apps, after a transition period, as planned.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Is there a list of watches that support Android Wear 2.9? I got a Huawei Watch and LG Urbane and both seems to be stuck at 2.8.

I have a problem. One Play Store user wrote me that he can't purchase one of my paid apps. He said that he purchased a few apps that day but with my app his payment method (visa card) is not available. Can you tell me why this happens? Is this a probelm with my Play Store listing or with his account?

Related to previous question, but shorter:

A lot of my wearable apps are:

Is there a page detailed the changes from 1.3.0 to the latest (2.2.0)?

Dear Google, please make the screen of your next watch (Pixel?) like the one in Moto 360 Sport's (a.k.a. "AnyLight"). It's the only Android Wear watch I know that is usable under plain daylight.

I keep getting reviews for my wear app saying it never showed up on their phone. This is because I have an empty mobile app for Android Wear 1 users to install the app. This is a standalone wear app, so I flagged the reviews, but they were rejected and play support said that it wan't against their policy. You normally can't review an app that isn't supported on your devices, so shouldn't their be a policy for this?

I think this normally wouldn't be an issue since you have to buy it, but I recently had a sale, so I think a lot of people bought it since it was temporarily free.

I eventually just added an activity that says something like "This app is for Wear 1 users only."

Has anyone else had this issue? Have you found a way around it?

Hi, when I try to upgrade an Android Wear 2 watch face, it compiles fine to the watch, but when I do a built I got this message:

Error:Error: Project depends on, so it must also depend (as a provided dependency) on [GradleCompatible]

This message is new to me, and here's the dependencies:

dependencies {
compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
compile ''
compile ''

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Seems like someone ought to post this here! There's some new stuff in the linked blog post for watch face devs.
New Android Wear SDK and Wear Emulator update

Read our blog post here →

Today we launched the latest version of the Android Wear SDK (2.2.0) with several watch face related enhancements. These include the addition of an unread notification indicator for all watch faces, which is planned to be part of the upcoming consumer release of Android Wear. With the Wear SDK 2.2.0, you can customize the notification indicator or display your own. This feature is available to the developer community early, via the SDK and emulator, so you can verify that the indicator fits the design of your watch face. In addition, we are adding enhancements to the ComplicationDrawable class and publishing the final version of the Wear emulator based on Android Oreo.

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I'm showing list of items in WearableRecyclerView. As of now I am getting like this(Refer Left Image)

But I need to show Single Row(Single Item) in a Page,Scroll down,then show next Item. (Refer Right Image)

Any Help to do this in android app?

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what restrictions do we have to develop an androidwear device?
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