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If you develop for Android Wear, please tell us how we can do better (link below)!

The Android Wear team wants to capture feedback on the Android Wear developer experience from you!

We ran surveys in October 2015 and June 2016, and we received a lot of great feedback that really helped us learn what works and what needs improvement in Wear. We used that information to prioritize future development work.

If you are a developer for Android Wear, please fill out this short survey ( We look forward to hearing your honest feedback, thank you!


Here's a basic question about automatic sensor disabling when battery is low. I notice that on my Sony SmartWatch 3, it stops reporting GPS positions (even though the GPS teardrop still shows) when battery drops below about 20%. I can't see any way of changing this.

I'm using the FusedLocation Provider so I'm curious if the "20%" level is common across other watches and whether there's a setting in the provider that actually says whether your are REALLY getting GPS fixes at low battery.

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Updating from Wearable 2.0.3 to Wearable 2.0.5 broke my drawer layout. I am looking for help on this. What has changed about how the layout is supposed to work? Previously when opening an action drawer, the peek view would fade to the content view. Now both views remain visible all the time. Is there a way to fix this? I don't seem to be able to write my own fix.


Details here.

Hi Wear team,

Any plans to implement the setting GUI to allow use of NotificationListenerService for a wear app? Sure would be nice to for example be able to implement a watchface shortcut to clear all notifications. If you have a lot of uncleared notifications it’s kind of troublesome to clear them by scrolling all the way to the end of the notifications to clear them all. I can think of other cool ideas as well for a NotificationListenerService in a wear app.

Firing intent android.settings.ACTION_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SETTINGS to start the settings GUI currently gives an exception.

The Sensitivity of launching watch face settings seems to be a real problem in wear 2.0

Whenever I fold my arms, android wear thinks I'm long pressing on the screen and launches into the settings screens. Some time later, looking at my watch I frequently see it completely changed, without my knowledge or intent.

This is a problem several of my Wear 2.0 using friends are experiencing as well.

I'm wondering, is there a way to change the Sensitivity of the launching of the settings or locking the watch face to prevent a long press from launching settings ?

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Is anyone else having issues with Multi-Apk deployment/installation of Wear 2.0 apps?

I am seeing issues like the following:

Customer reports: I installed the app on my smartphone and from smartphone to my watch. Direct install to my watch doesn't work (saying "this app not compatible with your device")

The user has a "Fossil Q Explorist" which the Google play console states is supported by my app, so why would the play store display the 'not compatible' error to the customer?

Does the standalone Android Wear 1.x app pushing have any requirements? A certain version of Play Services for instance? Or a certain version of the Android Wear companion app or Play Store app?

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I've been struggling for the longest time trying to get my app to transfer to Android Wear 1.x. I guess it worked at one time but now it is not. Not sure what changed, but now I am getting poor reviews because users can't get it to install.

I have read through the documentation on over and over but I cannot get it to work again. It is very frustrating that there is no feedback on what I am doing wrong. Here is my stack Overflow for a more in-depth explanation:

Recently noticed that a watch face app I've developed no longer is approved for Android Wear (i.e no Android Wear badge in the Play Store).

And under Pricing & distribution - Android Wear in the dev console I get this message:

"This application has not been approved for Android Wear.
Please verify that your app meets the Wear App Quality guidelines. We may also email you with additional information."

It used to be approved, and I've done no changes related to what is mentioned in the Wear app Quality guidelines.

Does anyone know if this is because of the policy change (

Perhaps +Hoi Lam​ knows?

I thought that policy would be effective 8th of January, 2018. But maybe that is only if you do no update until then?

Anyway, that was my guess, so now I'm setting up the watch face to skip the embedded Wear 1 apk, and instead letting the Wear 1 (actually combined Wear 1 & Wear 2 apk since I use same code with minSdk set to 23) get downloaded from Google Play servers instead.

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