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Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google
Today’s announcement of a new notification means that developers should:
➡️Make notifications more concise
➡️Set title and icon tint with color to set your brand apart
➡️Custom layout is no longer supported
Existing best practices apply for notifications, including the use of MessagingStyle and on-device Smart Reply. The new update will roll out in the next month.

To find out more about how to prepare for it, check out our developer blog:
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+Hoi Lam and all moderators:
G+ service will soon be closed.
Is there any plans to migrate this community on another service / forum / something else?
Also, do you plan to backup all discussions / helps somewhere? A lot of questions have been answered in this community, and it still might help some devs in the future.
Does anybody knows any relevant alternative to G+ for the Wear developers?

Hey guys. Huawei Watch 2 owner here. After a factory reset, I'm stuck on Wear OS 1.6. I cannot get it to update to 2.0, much less the recently released software. Can anyone guide me on how to force the update?

Note, the watch was previously on Wear OS 2.0. Thanks.

Thanks guys. I understand that I am actually on the latest software.
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One difficulty I am having with the new update is the correct way for the user to dismiss a media player on the watch so I can release the media session so it will stop showing up in quick settings. Previously I would handle this when the user dismissed the media style notification, but now there doesn't seem a way to do this. What is the best practice for this?

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Here are some changes I spotted in the new Wear OS that might be helpful for developers to get ready.

Hello Wear OS Developers
I want to create a watch face that shows instead of numbers a text for example "one o'clock" instead of "01:00". I've seen such on the internet but only in english and not in my mother tongue. Can anybody of you explain me please how I can programm such a watch face. Thanks in advance.

Hello altruists!
Could anyone who owns a Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4 give me the result of running the command below, please?

<adb shell dumpsys sensorservice>

I want to find out details about the sensors: such as the max sampling rate for the accelerometer, FIFO memory size etc. for a research project.
Thanks in advance.

It seems that Snapdragon Wear 3100 brings along some new modes (like the new enhanced Ambient mode). Is this something the developers can customize our watch faces to?

Hello there :)

I'm having a hard time finding documentation regarding push notifications and Wear OS. Do anyone know if it is possible to send push notifications directly to Wear OS watches without using an Android phone as a medium?

For instance I want to be able to send push notifications to my stand alone Wear OS app - also when the watch is paired with an iPhone

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I have a question about using the JobInfo.Builder on Wear OS. My podcast app NavCasts has a JobTask to check for podcast updates. When using the JobInfo.Builder, I was previously had the method "setRequiresDeviceIdle" to false, but there were preformance issues. I recently tried setting this to true and the app worked much better since it was not trying to update podcasts while the user was using it.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any updates for two days despite leaving my watch on the charger all night with WiFi available. According to the documentation, an idle device is: "This state is a loose definition provided by the system. In general, it means that the device is not currently being used interactively, and has not been in use for some time. As such, it is a good time to perform resource heavy jobs. Bear in mind that battery usage will still be attributed to your application, and surfaced to the user in battery stats."

Is the device idle ever true on Wear OS? I am running the developer preview on the Huawei Watch 2.
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