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Android Wear 2.0!
Today, we've released details on the first watches running a production build of Wear 2.0: the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport. You can expect the very first production Wear 2.0 users to start appearing this Friday, February 10th, with other watches getting their update to Wear 2.0 to follow. Now would be a good time to do some final testing and push your Wear 2.0 apps to production.

Look for more developer focused announcements in the coming days!
#AndroidWear 2.0 is bringing you new ways to use apps, message friends, work out, and get help from your Google Assistant. Learn more:

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Showing an extended notification on a device with a 'chin' => the "more actions" icon is behind the chin...
Is that a known bug? Cc +Ian Lake

I'm puzzled with this. How can I set notification color on AW 2.0?

NotificationCompat.Builder.setColor() doesn't work, neither WearableExtender.setBackground().

I don't know if I'm missing something. Gmail, Hangouts, etc uses colored notifications, so there has to be the way. Also, there is mention in docs about being careful with colors and AW1/AW2 theme change - but no example.

Just to be clear: setColor/setBackground works on AW1.

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Still no idea about this problem? The Action Drawer is a major new UI for AW2, and AFAICT is broken, and I get no reaction? Hello? :)
WearableActionDrawer: clarifications about the first action.

I'm trying to use WearableActionDrawer with a menu that has only one action. I was expecting the first action to show on the "peek" element, but I don't see it, instead I only see a chevron icon.

The "documentation" [1] says this: By default, the action drawer shows the first action with a chevron symbol when there is more than one action

But that's not what I'm seeing.

The Material Design spec [2] goes even further: When the current view contains only 1 possible action, the drawer displays only that action, and the drawer can’t be expanded.

But that's not what I'm seeing either (I can definitely expand).

What am I missing?

Also, as a bonus question: why isn't there an official documentation other than [1] (you know, like a javadoc?) for this API?


I would love to see an app folder option implemented in a later revision of 2.0. The typical drag one app over another scenario, which when opened would overlay a second app "wheel" over the root directory apps. The original listing could perhaps fade out / blur / dim or completely be overridden, and each folder could have a little tag / label above listed apps

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Hi! Is there any way to obtain the "chin" size, from inside a Service?
I need to download some images, and provide the wanted dimensions (which depend on the chin size).

Thanks a lot. 

Anybody received AW 2.0 update yet? I am still waiting to update my LG Watch Urbane. And will there be update for Huawei Watch running DP4?

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Some inconsistency still exists in AW docs. DevPreview states
"Important: The Wear 2.0 preview is over. Please see the main Android Wear documentation.".

And in the main docs there is still "Long Press to Dismiss Pattern" with DismissOverlayView as recommended solution and no info about SwipeDismissFrameLayout.
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