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My V10 pronounced death on last Sunday... After several attempts to revive it... All failed... After 2 years 1 week 1 day... At 1st the vibrator die... Then after one day, it just switched off by itself, then can't be turn on anymore... After put in the freezer, can turn on a while, enough time for me to sync n backup my things... Then started to bootloop of dead....
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My LG V10 H901 (T-Mobile), purchased as a factory refurb in June, 2017, suddenly died tonight. It appears to be the dreaded boot-loop.

According to the LG website, they only guarantee the refurbs for 90 days, and mine is just less that 5 months old.

I had recently purchased directly from LG the combo set of an extra battery and external battery charger; fully charged a factory new battery (dated April 2017), replaced the original battery, and all I can get is the LG welcome screen. The phone dies moments after the LG welcome screen. Classical symptom of the boot-loop defect.

Plugging the phone (turned off) into a charger displays the battery, but there is no movement or motion on the battery image as if it is frozen.

I have read about these LG V10 phones dying prematurely, and read solutions including putting it in the freezer to close a CPU pin gap, as well as several other potential solutions.

I also read about a potential class action against LG regarding these boot-looped bricked phones. Did anything ever come of that lawsuit?

The phone had been flawless for the almost 5 months of use, other than the poor battery life mentioned here before, It was working fine this afternoon, but was dead at dinner time.

The phone has always been in a rugged case, never been dropped, and never been wet. Externally the phone is in like-new condition.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about how I can repair or recover my phone? Does anyone know which of the many online solutions is really worthwhile?

Thank you!

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Security update on H900 (AT&T) model. Nothing exciting....

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The Lg mobile switch version 6.10.22(NEW) 33MB

Olá. Comprei um Lg v10 961n no ebay vindo da Malásia (descrito no site como novo e lacrado)
Mais agora já apareceu o chamado (burn in de tela) estou na dúvida,será que esse aparelho é recondicionado ou é um problema comum nessa linha de aparelhos. Eu vi vários relatos que aparelhos como g4 g5 e v10 estariam sempre tendo esses problemas por causa das telas da lg e que as telas, Gorila glass tbm. Devo pedir rembolsso,devolver,tentar trocar a tela?

O que acham?
Aparelho chegou aqui faz 5 dias. Demorou 35 até a entrega em mãos.

Amigos, vale a pena trocar o lg v10 por um moto z power?

I have LG v10 H901 on nougat
Is there any root method ?
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