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Name: Brycam Arpbell

Age: 44

Race: half human half togruta

Hair: under head dress (black)

Eye color: brown

Appearance: picture

Allegiance: jedi

Force sensitive: yes

Apprentice or Master: Master

Force abilities: force grip force push telekinesis mind manipulation force lighting force healing

Light side: light side with some dark side

Weapon: double bladed purple lightsaber one double bladed purple lightsaber one silver single bladed lightsaber

Lightsaber form: form VII/VIII

Companions: Felina Tilim Andrea Tilim (cousins)

Home world: Shili

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Orbiting Kashyyyk in his flag ship, the renowned Mandalore watched over the planet of his allies. The Revanites. Making sure no sith fleet, or any ship without Lord Revans permission. Would be anywhere near the planet. All was good, his scanners picked up no enemy ships. A few cargo freighters here and there, but other then them. He was alone. Taking the time he has to advantage, he instructed a mandalorian aboard his ship to watch the radar for him and began meditating. No disturbances in the force other then the loss of both jedi and sith lives due to the war...

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Name Unknown
Race Human
Alias Mandalore The Balancer/The Conqurer
Allegiance Mandalorians
Rank Supreme Leader, The Mandalore
Alliances The Revanites.
Weapons Red or Blue Lightsaber, Heavy Blaster, Dual pistols, or a nagitana made from the metal of the first jedi flag ship he destroyed as the mandalore 
Appearance He will never remove his mask, his face will stay hidden. In most cases he will wear the classic "The Mandalore" Armor, in other cases. He will either way the current mandalorian suit (One like Jango Fetts) or silver armour.
Powers He follows the revanites beliefs with the force, and attempts to balance the dark and light sides (hence his name), he is adept at using telekinesis, as well as force lightning and force choke. If in danger he will use force heal but prefers not to. While he attempts at balance it is clear he leans more towards the dark side.
Combat style With his lightsaber's he is very fluid in his fight, he can be fairly aggressive when using 1 but he does use advanced martial arts and sword skills. Known for tactical strikes and acrobatics, he is hard to hit. And a force to be reckoned with. When using his nagitana he is more defense focused and when attacking can be very aggressive at times, but uses the staff part rather then the blade. To disarm the opponent is always his main goal
Flag ship The Premonition, a hammer head class cruiser that he captured in war. It's cannon's are modified so that they are much more powerful. It's armed with a more powerful shield and engines. As well as missiles and torpedoes. 
Personality A love for combat, a man of honor, an expert tactician, and last but not least. A leader. He is known for inspiring armies and conquering areas with just his speeches, starting rebellions and even making political agreements with jedi's. While he carries a mandalorians love for fighting and gaining honor through battle. He tries to conserve the lives of his fellow brothers in arms. And tries to use negotiation. But if a war starts, it will be him that throws the first punch.  
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