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Fancy visiting the International Space Station on StreetView? Or one of Jupiter's moons? Or Pluto? Now you can.. link below.. StreetView on Google Maps beyond Earth.

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This has been known for some time, but only recently the Maps app on my phone enabled video upload in Malaysia.. so, let the shooting begin.. if you have not tried it, go to Maps, find for a location and upload photo, select Camera, hold for video. or if you prefer to not use mobile data, record the video offline and upload later on free wifi.
Video upload rolled out in Google Maps in Malaysia. Let the shooting begin. #LocalGuides

Hi I’m William, local guide level 5

Nice to meet you all here. Hope to learn more and be part of this group.


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New updates. I love this feature.
Emergency or urgent alerts on google map.
This is super awesome especially for travellers. We want to stay safe when disaster strikes. As we are not locals where already know what to do during emergency time. This might be life saving!

Smell smoke the whole night on Sunday and hear sirens. Thought my hotel was burning down. But it wasnt. And I have no idea what was going on!!!
#LGSummit17 #LocalGuides
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Google Local Guides Summit 2017 San Francisco #LGSummit 17 #LocalGuides
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Latest updates from Google Local Guides!
Go check it out!! #LocalGuides #LGSummit17
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Hi everyone!

I would love to have a local guide take me around KL for two, ie :
24th Oct - 25th Oct 2017

I m traveling from India and its my first time in Malaysia

My top interests are to check out the food scene/cafès/local pubs/local shopping centers and a few tourist spots!

Please contact me at
Any leads would be highly appreciated =)

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Local Guides making a difference. Good video.
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