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Sharon Daphna - Energetic War on Humanity and How to Win
5D Nirvana Event - 2016 LAX Hilton

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A Guide to Geoengineering

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FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex with its endless resources, is palpable in this awakening truth feature.

An impeccably timed eye opening expose, the film reveals the campaign to normalize chemical cloud formations via atmospheric aerosol dispersals. Up against a normalization timetable encompassing a controlled media and an indoctrinated educational and political system, activists ask the question : Is your silence your consent?

A shocking informative film on climate engineering, frequency control and CIA manipulation, the film’s narrative unfolds through a historical timeline of experimentation on humanity, bringing us to a modern day laboratory that encompasses the air we breath and dictates when and where the sun shall shine, or not…
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Aufgenommen Anfang Dezember 2018 unter dem fränkischen Himmelszelt, durch mein Asahi Opt Pentax-M SMC 400mm, mein Leitz Leica Telyt-R 250mm, mein Meyer-Optik Görlitz 58mm und mein Carl Zeiss Jena Prakticar 50mm 2160p

Zu sehen sind zu Beginn Szenen von unterschiedlich sichtbaren Rücktständen der gegen Sonnenuntergang mein Sichtfeld kreuzenden Flieger, seltsamen Chemclouds und tieffliegenden Nicht-Sprühern, sowie weitere Szenen vom Mischen unterschiedlicher Substanzen in verschiedenen Höhen...

Zu hören ist Space Coke aus Columbia, South Carolina mit ihrem "L'appel du Vide", von dem gleichnamigen supercoolen Album, welches sich hier

finden lässt.

Meine Bildersammlung zum Thema geo engineering findet sich hier:

Stppt den Wahnsinn geo engineering..!!


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Perception is key to shifting to higher dimensions. Turning to yourself to sort out the internal confusion will lead you to your truth that is patiently waiting within to be discovered and thus, this will reward you with experiencing the higher realms of Love and Light.

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Geoengineering Watch has again captured radar animations that prove geoengineering operations are manufacturing “winter weather” over specific regions. The increasingly desperate and destructive operations being carried out by the weather-makers is far beyond alarming. Engineering “winter weather" events are one of the primary missions of the climate engineers as the abrupt climate collapse scenario continues to unfold on planet Earth (a scenario being further fueled overall by climate engineering itself). Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation are a primary means of carrying out the engineered winter events. Why aren't so called weather experts willing to acknowledge the massive climate engineering operations and their impacts? Because their paychecks and pensions depend on their denial, the illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service (NWS) and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees is a case in point. This 5 minute video exposes the impacts of ongoing engineered winter scenarios.
It is imperative that populations be awakened to the climate engineering operations. It is just as important that the full scope and scale of these programs are understood. There can be no valid discussion of the climate without addressing the climate engineering issue. Equally true, there can be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering without addressing chemical ice nucleation processes and the engineered winter events these processes help to create. All of us are needed in the essential effort to raise and reach a critical mass of awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, make every day count.
Dane Wigington

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Somethings going on - these are everywhere - Elementary class spots one!

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Sucking the life out of life
Cleveland radio station bans "Baby It's Cold Outside"

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