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Proper brushing and flossing can prevent your dental remedies!
Visit for your any dental problem :
Call now to book an appointment : 8826001000
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A right dentist's advice can save you from many dental problems!
So never forget brushing and flossing in your daily routine.
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😓 😓 When you are considering a #career change, one important thing to keep in mind is the expected growth for your industry.
Lucky for you, the job outlook for DENTAL ASSISTANTS is expected to grow by 25%! This means that there should be 58,000 new openings for dental assistants by 2024, which is a much faster average growth rate for most professions. Basically, this means that finding a job shouldn’t be hard! 💯
What are you still waiting for? 🤗🤗

✅ Contact us: (832) 643-9945
✅ 9700 Richmond Ave. Ste 110, Houston, TX 77042
✅ Website:

✅ Visit us learn about our immersion philosophy, tour our classrooms, and have your questions answered by our experienced educators. We hope to see you soon!
Let schedule a tour at:


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Listen what #rabbit wants to say :)

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Best Dental Sealants
Call now to book your appointment:+91-8826002000

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Successfully completed Dentistry N Beyond first Module at Jehangir Oracare Dental Center, Pune along with Launch of Doctor Smile Laserevolution. Installed the Latest Wiser of LASEREVOLUTION FAMILY at Jehangir Oracare Dental Center.
The course was well attended & apriciated by all participants i.e.
Dr. Aakash Shah
Dr. Neera Shah
Dr. Ritu Budhhwani
Dr. Ketkee Phate
Dr. Smriti Shalini
Dr. Priyanka Sonkamble &
Dr. Sheral Christian.
Mentor of the Program was Dr. Nikhil Khandge!
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#Myra‬ & Co. is the promoter of a complete portfolio of an CE-marked & ISO 13485:2003 #Medical‬ Device Quality Management Systems Certified #brand‬ FusionKraft™.
#FusionKraft‬ provide a full range of superior, high-quality & cost-effective instrumentation to the #surgical‬ fraternity.
For distribution enquiries, please mail us your interest at web: #Doctor   #Surgery‬

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Know about  #dentalimplants  
For more info visit or call on +91-8826001000/ +91-8826002000l

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On Friday we had a group of Vocational Training Students visit our labs for a day long session of seminars on dentistry basics and the new technological breakthroughs! 
The students learned lots, from how to fill out a lab card properly to how implants have changed the world of cosmetic dentistry. 
We were very lucky to have Sam Elassar from City Quay Dental Clinic, who shared his expertise and showed the students how to use the Intra-oral scanners in a practice!
The students had a lot of fun and found the day very informative!
Training & Education
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