NEW RP: There is a huge dance coming up, and Golden asks you to come... +TheOfficialSurpriseParty +GamingVlogsForever 66 

New rp: Jason Is Having A Party And He Invites +LPS GoldenPictures​ And +GamingVlogsForever 66​ He posts abunch of pictures of him at the party. You walk in and..
~Open Rp For +GamingVlogsForever 66​ And +LPS GoldenPictures​~

NEW RP: I'm eating chips. What do you do? XDD +TheOfficialSurpriseParty 

NEW RP: Golden confesses she misses her ex- friend Hannah. What do you do? +GamingVlogsForever 66 +TheOfficialSurpriseParty 

NEW RP: Golden puts red paint on her paws and smears it on the wall spelling the words: "Kill me"   "Help"   "Nobody cares about me" What do you do? (I was pretty scared when I made this XD)

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Jayden oeo

I'll do a sign up for him when I get `home`

NEW RP: Golden is having a party but she didn't invite Hannah (She can still be in it) only Jason and her SECRET SENPAI! How do you react? And who do you think her secret senpai is... +TheOfficialSurpriseParty +GamingVlogsForever 66 

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THIS IS GOLDEN! (You should already know but just so you don't forget XD)

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Name: SENPAI (JK his name is Zachary XD)
Age: Bruh 3
Hobbies: Bruh 3
Personality: Bruh 3
Likes: Bruh 3
Dislikes: Bruh 3
Rank: Bruh 3
Sexuality: Bruh 3
Bio: Bruh 3
Crush: ~open~
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