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Hi everyone,
My name's Jenny & I work for ESRO, a research agency based in London. I'll be working with Yasar & Kiren to help with this little research project.
You can see my desk in the picture - it's not as tidy as I'd like it to be! But I generally work in a lovely warm open plan office, where everyone seems to get far...

Funny things that have happened to me (and my friends) are normally at the interview stage of any job hunt! 
I've been to an interview before where the guy just didn't blink at all for the entire interview - and that's all I could focus on! As a result I didn't do very well and of course I didn't get the job. 
I also know a friend who went to her job interview 2 days early! 

For me, I think that my assessment of a job hunting cycle is usually tied to how much I want the job at the end of it! It's pretty simple, but true.  If I really want the job, I want to feel like everyone involved is putting as much effort in as I am. I don't want to come out the other end feeling like something or someone was to blame if I don't get it. The times when I've been 'less bothered' by the end job are the times where I don't really mind as much about what happens along the journey...

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Hi All,

Here's our first question to jump start the RC, should be interesting to hear all your different stories.

Yasar :)

Hello all!

I'm Yasar, and I work for Kayman Solutions. I'll be dropping in and out of the RC over the coming weeks, joining in discussion and making sure everyone is getting the most out of their involvement. :) 

Either myself or Kiren has invited you to the Research Community. Thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute.

Please post a picture of your new desk and introduce yourselves to the group.

Looking forward to chatting!

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