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On the Galaxy Note 3 , Android 5.1 ( Cyanogen 12) when click on the launch button the terminal running but nothing happening.
It's possible to get the v3 for trying ?

Hey guys why the ubuntu v13.10 Large image only shows grey screen with cursor please help me

So if this ever gets rolling again can we get an install for Backbox Linux? The tools are essentially the same as Kali I just like the feel of it better. 

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the v2.8 app does not work on the oneplus one...:(
after hitting launch (fedora 19 img) i get to the console and it just says: 4;60R
will give the alpha a try.

Did this project just fall over and die? What's going on with it? Been months sense ANY word at all

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I am starting to assemble my knowledge  and tools into a thread here

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Do you have sound in LinuxOnAndroid (Chrooted system)? If not, check it and give me a info (comment) about working it on your phone (on Atrix 4G works)

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I have an updated script (stable) hosted on my site, and linked (with instructions for installing it) from my FAQ at:

NOTE: The FAQ is still in its infancy, but more will be added to it once I get done with finals this week.
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