Google Plus is not simply Google's response to all of the major online social networks; I call Google Plus "Google's Branding Iron."

In case you are not aware of this Google is quickly moving toward a search engine system that displays content derived from authors that Google ranks highly. This is why it is so important to place the Google + Badge on all of your websites.

How is this different than having a website that is ranked high for its' great content already? The answer may surprise some but many already know it; Google is forcing everyone that wants a high ranking to be connected with them and their social network, "Google Plus."

For those that have been around for some time you'll remember all of the different methods used by Google over the years in an attempt to get search users to rate website content. This has now all come down to Google Plus.

The author rating system has not yet been fully implemented in Google Search but those who work online have often seen short periods of time when Google ran short live tests.

It's coming so get those Badges on!

If I were selling online business websites you would think that the first thing I would want to do is purchase the domain name

If that's what you thought; you thought wrong! Why? Back in the day when I was young and Google was an infant my answer would be quite the opposite; but today in 2013 Google is not an unsophisticated naive baby.

Back when Google began they had a large brain but very little content was contained in their brain; search engine optimizers could easily manipulate the results found by searchers of the Google index.

Early search engine manipulation was performed quite easily through the use of keyword meta tags and domain name content. This has all changed today; in fact, it could be a heavy strike against the business owner if they choose a domain name that is filled with specific keywords.

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