I am doing ruby on rails project. Now I want to create the feature blog. So I got the suggestion that "Integrate Google Blogger API with ur app". Now I get the API key from google console developer. My question is """How to use that key with my rails app ? """.
Sometimes before we use google map api, there we use a gem gmap4rails. Like that, "Is there any gem is used for google blogger ? ".
Waiting for the HELP.

How to get traffic and weather conditions on maps?
How to on calendar and map work together
So if traffic is slow can set leaving ahead
Set alarm ahead if have to move snow and need more time to drive

  I have made this request before but it is important to me.
I am a very good reader, which means that I rely on reading for information. I never really developed the skill to remember complex information by listening to it or seeing a demo of it.
When you do a video demo or topic  it would help much if you released a web page with the same information. Videos don't really work for me.
I also read much faster than I can listen to a video. 

Its me again. I am  on reddit androiddev, and on their their are lots of questions and complaints about why the official documentation is not up to date. And also there are lots of other people who feel the videos  are not that educational. They say they can go through the steps, but they want to know why something is done that way and the videos just show how. Also videos are not searchable for content like  a book or an article. I strongly think that it  is your responsibility to provide written guides and documentation for updated  services. The tutorial you do have on developer.android.com are great. I just whish there were more and more current ones. I know documentation is boring to do  but is necessary. And there should be  central repository of articles about new services or apis. Yes your search engine is the best in the world, but not everybody's articles are of high quality 

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Hi devs. Can anyone help google took down 1 of our main apps saying because we didn't place a statement saying our app was a joke app in time.

Even though our app booster was a phone cleaner where we'd spent over 15k in development and it was not a joke.

We have emailed google play support multiple times to no answer.

Any ideas, need help

#googledevelopers #google #googleplay #help #googlesupport #doesgooglesupportexist #stopdestroyingdevsincomes

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Google Corporate team up with local mobile data distributors.

As soon as a new user activates their android phone give them the option of selecting the best data plans from local data providers so no one needs a house Internet anymore, you would use your mobile phone for mobile data through hotspot for house usage instead of 2 plans at once, must atleast hit 50 gigs per month download allowance for mobile though.

We pay at the moment $80 dollars per month for adsl2 house net a 100 gigs cap and 5 megabytes per second speeds (largest Oz telcos)

At the same time per person a mobile plan paying $80 a month for 3gb phone data and calls (largest Oz telcos)

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Hi guys, new app world cup road racer. If you could please test and let me know any changes you would want in game.
World Cup: Road Racer
World Cup: Road Racer

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INVISIBLE soldier caught on video: https://youtu.be/7zKQe-1BUFQ

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Owner Dalvik Virtual Machine ... Infrastructure Licensing ...Thanks to GREED FOR POWER (us gov.) & MONEY... (internet tytans)-.....


Hi there to all. I am new to several Google platforms. Having trouble with some Youtube issues. Does anybody know the answers:

Youtube embed playlist video thumbnails do not show all of a sudden. What must I do? Check out the playlist at eg. www.desarj.tv

Please let us know and cheers.
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