has anyone been successful at embedding either a google site (maps, calendar, etc.) or a youtube feed onto your quaker cloud site.

Seems like the relevant html gets stripped out.

Is it possible to order the way new posts or resources show up on the home page? I just added a few years back of minutes, and they're all showing up on the home page, making it look like the most recent thing posted is from 2013!

Another person in our monthly meeting is about to take over from me as our Qcloud website admin. How do we notify FGCQC?

I'm getting a DNS error. Is it just me?

Hello Quaker Cloud Friends!

Thank you who have let us know that something is up with the old URLs starting with http://quakercloud.org/ showing up in Google searches. It's causing confusion, and we are looking into it.

Please continue to use the newer domains starting with fgcquaker.org/cloud, and it could be helpful to Login at www.fgcquaker.org and then locate your meeting there.

Our Users Group at Gathering has been cancelled. Sorry.

I'd like to raise a concern about the mobile version of the QC platform. In the desktop version, the sidebar, which includes the meeting times and is usually the most important thing visitors are looking for, is visible as soon as you load the site. In the mobile version, however, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the meeting times. I've gotten feedback from visitors that this is annoying and gives the impression that our meeting is not welcoming to newcomers. I understand that improvements are coming to QC soon, but I hope that some attention is paid to making sure meeting times are prominently visible no matter how users are accessing the site.

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We will be having a Users Group meeting at Gathering next Thursday (July 6) at 3:15 pm (EDT). If you're not attending Gathering but would like to attend, you can connect via WebEx. Just use this link -- https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=MAGCTNWSAHEL8MZUYKWFETSOOX-CLVD&rnd=607262.47516

+Brent Bill: I'd very much like to attend the July 5 event via video conference, but don't seem to be able to tell you that in a comment on your post. Do you need anything more than this request from me to enable me to do so?

Philip Jones, Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Just a reminder of two Quaker Cloud opportunities at FGC's Gathering this July.

One is a time to get together with other Quaker Cloud users. It will be on Thursday, July 5 at 3:15 pm. Richelle Houck, our Quaker Cloud support person will be joining us via video conference. If you're not attending Gathering, would you be interested in joining via video conference?

The other is to introduce other Friends to the Quaker Cloud. That's on Monday, July 3 at 3:15. If you're interested in helping us with the Monday presentation (by sharing your experience with the Quaker Cloud), please let me know! Remember, meetings new to the Quaker Cloud can try it free through September 30, 2017!
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