Characters who will be in the game:
1. Princess Twilight Sparkle
2. Rainbow Dash
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Rarity
5. Applejack
6. Fluttershy
7. bella Heart Lover (Me)
8. Dylan Ring
9. Skye
The game will start with a cutscene. A cutscene about The Mane 6 worrying about everypony might get equalized, and Starlight Glimmer will make all of Equestria cutie markless! Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy must save Equestria from being equalized. Now, They will start at the first stage: Ponyville. A magical object will be standing on the ground, and somepony can pick it up to use it, but if it's a magical power, somepony must use that too to hit a enemy. Each boss battle will have 2,000 HP, and magical powers will hit the boss during the battle. After each magical power that hits the boss, the battle is over, and then, you move on to the next stage.
Here are the following stages:
1. Ponyville
2. Canterlot
3. Fillydelpia
4. Unicornia
5. Pegatropilis
And the secret/last stage is...
6. Equaltopia
In the secret/last stage, the last boss battle will be...
Starlight Glimmer
Here are the controls to play the game:
Move: Arrow Keys
Jump: Spacebar
Switch Characters: Shift Key
Power Menu: C Key
Use Power: X Key
Attack: Z Key
Pause: Press on the P Key to pause the game
So the game might take a lot of time until to a different month or year.
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