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Nice to see you!
 My name is Hoshun from Japan
 I'm a 100% raw foodist and
want health-minded friend.
 I esteem any style.
  Talk to me without restraint 
 we can share ideas and experiences.
My video about raw food.

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Not just #today , Treat yourself with Goodness #Everyday .

Experiencing an outstretched appetite in #winter is perfectly normal. Your body is no less smarter than you when it arrives at taking care of itself. With every declining degree in the atmospheric temperature, your body #temperature keeps sinking.
This descending temperature causes your #body #heat to go downhill.This is when your body emits the #hunger signal to urge you to fulfil your #appetite .
Food consumption aids your body by restoring its temperature. However, this pro-body act does not necessarily spell blessing in the field of health. #Chronic hunger pangs could result in two adverse factors.
If you are extremely health conscious, you might commit a folly of remaining famished. And if you are not, you might end up #overeating . Each of these have negative impact on your health. Consuming #healthy food at regular intervals are the ideal way of satisfying your appetite.
Therefore, here is...
#Daily #healthcare

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Do you want to be healthy? Click below ⤵⤵⤵

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Thank you for your very kind invitation dear friend I am delighted to accept.Have a great day Nancy : ))

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Hey there individuals

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This is a recipe that does not require accurate measures just inspiration. This salad, which can be done - See more at:

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Fruit juices are delicious and easy for preparing and in the same time, they are full of vitamins and minerals. - See more at:

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Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) belongs to the best healing herbs that are considered as one of the seven sacred herbs. - See more at:
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