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Does anyone know any survival only servers for Minecraft?

I've done I've finally done it, I have defeated the wall of flesh at long last after weeks maybe even months of planning and preparation I have defeated the wall of flesh and I'll be honest it feels rather strange to focus on all of these new things as well as the old but I can't wait to delve deeper into these new and mysterious magical powers and machines so wish me luck bye.


You guys need to try out the new update.
I haven't played much yet BUT IT'S AWESOME.
Just the character screen alone is so much better.
Ive played for 2 days and night and got off. . . for now.
Things I liked:
 Guide helps you defend your house
The start screen is better, tell you if world is corruption, or crimson. Also tells you when it was made and if in hardmode or not.
Show info about character in the beginning such as hearts, defense, and mana
CAN PLAY ON MULTIPLAYER VIA STEAM this means if you want to play with a friend, just click on invite friend and like magic, your friend can play with you.
Things I don't understand/like:
The guide will have speech bubbles over his head with pictures on them. I have no idea what they mean.

That's my review on terraria 1.3 so far

Hello I'm new to this community :P

And here's a little something

That moment when your on a server, and a hacker is on their team. You are like noooo hacker I'm reporting you. Then the hacker is on your team and your like, yessss! Don't report, it's a game :P

Ugh where to start.
I was playing on Mineplex and met two people. They were named Armored and ItsRavenYT. It went like this:
The first one was all private messaging.
Armored: RIP
Me: Excuse me?
Armored: Rest In Peace
Me: Why?
Armored: What was your original screen name?
Me: Same as it is now.
Armored: You're impersonating someone
Me: Why do you think that?
Me: Answer me!
Armored: I wasn't going to.
Me: Cite your source.
Armored: It was Nice/weird talking to you!
I think that was weird not just that he thought I was impersonating someone, but also how he ended it with ," It was nice/weird talking to you"
The next one is ItsRavenYT . This was mostly in private messaging. While this was happening, my friend (+Nick Lavornia ) was talking to me. He was no help
ItsRavenYT: Do you want to Skype?
Me: Why?
Me: to friend someone private messaged me saying they want to Skype
Friend: Don't do it lol
Me: But I don't have a Skype.
ItsRavenYT: I just want to make some fake friends
Me: Even then why would I Skype you, you are a stranger, my best friend doesn't even know what I look like, and you expect me to Skype you?
Me: to friend I told her not even my best friend (aka you) knows what I look like
Friend: Aw thanks :D
ItsRavenYT: You don't have to show your face
Me: Still it's np (typo)
ItsRavenYT: No Problem?
Me: NO
me: to friend let's do the thing
We then proceeded to send her messages randomly generated by MINEPLEX A FAMILY FRIENDLY SERVER, so there was nothing bad in those messages.
ItsRavenYT: I took screenshots and I'm going to show them to a Mod or helper
Me: Public chat I don't care
Friend: Stop it, let's go
I told my parents about these and they said that maybe my screen name could be a part of it because it indicates gender. They said if it was something like ,"ILOVEWHATABURGER123" then it would be less likely to happen and to be honest, that's probably true.

If I get muted because of this on Mineplex, I will show them this post. I did nothing wrong. The messages I sent ItsRavenYT were all generated by Mineplex so it couldn't have been bad. But whether or not I get muted, I still want to make m point, and I feel like my point has been made.

I have been preparing for several weeks now and finally I have set up a good arena for fighting the Wall of flesh but I can't do it alone if any one has the PS3 addition of Terraria and is willing to help me then leave a comment bellow telling me your PSN name and I will add you but alas my supplies are starting to dwindle all I could be able to provide would be health potions and maybe a ranged weapon but you would need to bring your own arsenal and Armour I'm sorry but if I had more I would try to supply you with proper things but still any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for listening.

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Why can't Terraria an Minecraft get along like in this picture?
Minecraft and terraria... They are besteht friends? I love terraria and minecraft but this blows my mind !!

Um can I post about PS3 MC and Terraria or is it just PC versions?

Found a really weird dude on Minecraft. He tried saying he loved me even though I never met him before. He tried to set me on fire for running away from him. I I was running so he couldn't get to me so I lost the game. I wasn't mad at losing but I was really weirded out. His username is Notche and is friend was SideshowBob. SideshowBob was also following me and called me bad names. If you know these people or try to see them please avoid them if possible.
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