For those of you who have Facebook come and check out my Role play creative writing group. Feel free to check it out. Here's the name to find it:
Magic, Kingdoms, and Legends RP.

~~Would anyone like to RP? I have just a few rules, but other than that, just pp me or comment below. :)
~~Remember to put as much emphasis into writing an RP as you possibly can. Now I'm not trying to tell you how to write, but when you're with someone trying to collaborate a wonderful story, it's a two person tango. Ask yourself questions, "How would I feel if I was in this position?" "What are the possibilities of something/someone else happening?", etc.
~~💞💞💞The bottom line is to have fun!!
~~If you don't wanna continue just let me know.
~~If you feel uncomfortable about the type of RP we're going to start, let me know beforehand so I know what your comfort levels are.

~~*Again ON THAT NOTE....Also, if I leave an RP, it's not because I didn't want to continue, it's because I read what's there, think about something to respond with and then tell myself I'll do it in a minute. So please tag me if I do not respond within 48 hours.*

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Skimming the barely trodden on path, Red Naomi's eyes scan it quickly before she comes to the conclusion that nothing is there......for now at least. Her eyes reflecting the last bit of sun, causing her appearance to be that much more frightening than the norm. A slight chuckle eases forward from her as she runs down the path, being careful not to step foot on branches and forest floor debris. Her teeth glistening as the sun sets behind her and the mountains in the west. She absorbs the sun's last rays of heat as a dim chill hangs in the air. The scent of the night is here. Her heart beating fiercely in her chest as the scent of her enemy wafts through her aura. The scent of the jackal boy hybrid is strong as he came on her turf only minutes before.
"You have signed your own death sentence, you fool."
Her voice just barely a whisper as she climbs a pine tree scouting for him, making sure she's on her own turf. Her tail being bushy at the scent, she perches on the second highest branch watching and waiting.

((Open RP))

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Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted so here we go. I deleted the filters. At the time I created the group, I wanted it to be more strict due to some things that happened in the past. Anyways I got rid of them to improve the community as a whole.

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I am sat down by a river, washing off my equipment and waking up from a night of camping. when I am also most finished I look down the end of the river and see a figure. I cautious pack my belonging away into my bag and start to head down the river to see who it could be but by the time I get down to where you were I can't see anything. Just to make sure I'm not seeing things i investigate by asking "Hello? anyone there?"
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@Daneil grimm +kirisutokyō TM @natsu's room +Fil Vandren (i couldn't tag all the mods)

i have some ideas to improve the community, want to hear them out?

one of them is about the filters?

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(none for this community)

My name is "Kaze Haze", but when i'm pissed off people call me "Kaze BLAZE" or Kaze Wrath, I have a lot of names


Gender: Male

Race: Human.. mostly (looks human but it is just an illusion)

Sexuality: Bi

looks: tall, dark black hair, glowing eyes, nice figure and long sharp nails

morality: questionable

- I'm new here so, have no friends

- I'm new here and I doubt anyone is stupid enough to cross me

House: a flying cottage

-A mace
-throwing knives
-bomb kit
-Aracne lockpicks (Flectomancer plays into this)

Magica (I'm no master in the arcane arts, I have much more to learn. so much more power to take)
-Pyromancer (if you don't know this wake up) (same spells as cyro)
-Flectomancer (or Also known as "Tinker Mages" to the uneducated... Flectomancers are indeed tinkerers and create artefacts that do just about anything. Mostly, this art involves building a rather complex artefact and using magic make it function. They can create a wide variety of things, from Æther bombs to small mechanical animals. If given enough of their artefacts and proper materials, Flectomancers can be a force to be reckoned with.)
-Cryomancer(or ice magic for the uneducated) can cast ice shield, ice weapons, ice buildings or even just ice bolts or sprays, or explosions

likes: non-humans
dislikes: other cryo/flecto/pyro mages
being wet
being tested and/or tormented
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So what is the backstory of this community? and can i join/make a clan?
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So i can't tag you Knight, but i also cant find the rp, so we can start off again here

Kindaed had spent a few months in the Red Clan, and he enjoyed serving every moment, however, he still managed to find time to take care of the human girl he found, and even managed to get others to help and not kill her. He laid outside of his cave with the little girl in his wing fold, craddleing her

Takkar and Rama decided to go in a lil hunt to leave our cave for a while we see a bear but then it gets scared by you and runs. Rama and Takkar are shocked on what could scare the bear so we sir and wait to see what did
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