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Twitter to stop counting photos and links in 140-character limit

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Content marketing is viewed as the most effective digital marketing strategy for lawyers.

Check out this new report about digital marketing in the legal sector covering the balance between the benefits of digital for the sector  and the challenges of using digital techniques and social media in marketing.

Does your firm have a content marketing strategy?

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If you're not happy with your current Twitter Handle, here's how to change it. 
How to Change Your Twitter Handle (and Keep All Your Followers)

If you find that you have not chosen the best Twitter Handle (also known as Username), then you will be pleased to hear that you can change it to a more suitable one.

It is a straightforward procedure. (For the more visually-oriented ...

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Some good advice from +Donna Beckett on being a Google Plus Community star
How to be a Google Plus Community Star

Have you ever wondered why new users on Google Plus are often advised to join communities? 
Quite simply, it is because Google Plus communities can be a great source of useful, relevant information, and membership can lead to new connections, supportive relationships and increased engagement.
However, if you really want to get the most out of your Google Plus communities I have a few tips that will help you:

1. Read the Community Guidelines : most communities on Google Plus have a community description setting out details the topics, aims and purpose of the community, together with guidance as to what can, and what cannot be posted. 
Top tip: check out the community description, guidelines, and posts, before joining to make sure that the community is right for you.
2. Say Hello! Most G+ communities have an ‘Introduce Yourself’ category to encourage new members to do just that: introduce yourself! However, this is not the time for blatant self-promotion. Use the introductory post to say 'hello' to the other members, tell them briefly who you are and what you do, and explain why you are looking forward to being a member of the community. 
Top tip: responding to other members' intro posts is a great way to kickstart your community engagement
3. Engage with other members' posts : One of the best ways to start building relationships on G+ in general, and in communities in particular, is to read and respond to other members’ posts. Take some time to read, +1 and comment on a few posts when you first join and you will quickly gain the attention of other members.  
4. Be helpful, useful and relevant : before posting to the community ask yourself if you would find the post interesting, useful or helpful if it was posted by another community member. If the community is based around a topic or particular interest, make sure that your post is relevant to the community.

5. Ask questions: communities can be great places to ask for help, opinions or feedback from other members. Many communities have ‘Ask a Question’ categories and encourage questions from members as a way of starting discussions and an exchange of information.
6. Don’t link drop : link dropping is posting a link to external content (e.g. a website article or blog post) without giving any reason why members would be interested in it. Add an introduction to your link telling members what the link article is about, why they will find it interesting or why you are recommending that they read it.
7. Don’t sell : G+ communities are not the place to try to sell your goods or services. Blatant self-promotion is to be avoided. At best, such posts are likely to be ignored by other members and receive little or no engagement; at worst your post may be removed from the community as spam.

For more tips on becoming a Google Plus Community star read my full post here >

Some useful communities to join: 
Want to learn more about Google Plus? Why not join +martin shervington's Plus Your Business Community >

If you're based in the UK and want to network with UK Plussers join us over in the UK Connect Community >

Pin it for later: How to be a Google Plus Community Star -

What is your top tip for community success?

#PYBacademy   #googlepluscommunities  

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Google My Business - an opportunity being missed by many

For any business wanting (or needing) to get found in Google's local search results, verifying and then optimising their Google+ Business page should be a priority. I say should be a priority as some research that we've been conducting would suggest that many local business owners and brands are not making best use of this effective marketing resource.

So far our crack research team has looked at 100 businesses here in our little patch of south west London and it's fair to say that there are a few gaps.

Here's what we've found so far:

► Only 56% of local businesses have a verified listing
► 90% have no cover photo uploaded
► 87% still have an unverified website
► Only 6% have taken advantage of Google Business View

Lots of work still to do and the research continues. h/t +Jennifer Rink for checking all the listings so far.

What do you think - surprised by these results so far or not?

#googlemybusiness   #localsearchmarketing  

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Social media is everything! :)

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Video Killed a Blog Star
We are told that video is the way to get clients buying our legal services. This makes intuitive sense. But can we lawyers make good quality video inexpensively?

I am creating a Video Bloggers circle. There are 3 fabulous, high octane G Plussers signed ups already: +Kath Dawson +Rosamund Evans and the effervescent +Donna Beckett. [If you are a UK bod, you should have a look at their active G+ Community UK Connect: Grow Your Network - it's a good example of how communities should work.]

Anyway, we're keen to connect with anyone who does (or is keen to do) video blogging for their law business. NOT sales videos - rather videos with legal content - see this first example I created for law firm where I am a solicitor:  Plus or comment if interested. The content of the video is irrelevant - it's whether you consider this home-made video to be of good enough quality. 

I outsourced the top and tail branding bit to an expert, but the video itself is my work. I roped my wife in to do the voiceover (because Fay has a Cambridge accent and this is a Cambridge law firm).

If interested, I'd love  to hear from you.

+Michael Denmead 
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