Does anyone want to video chat

Hi I'm new here my name is Rahim and I'm from japan

Hi I'm shamla. I hope I can find awesome friends here 😄☺

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Hy i'm Hassan... How are you All???

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Hi I'm new to this community n I would like to get to know some of u n I want knew friends

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Welcome to sweden

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Hi fgts
Little details about me.
1. I'm Pokemon, Undertale, Gravity Falls, Furry, and FNaF trash
2. Yeah, i said fgts cause i'm harsh to everyone deal with it.
3. Hitler is my god.
4.I ain't got no hoes yet so i'm single and lonely af.
5. I like to RP (RolePlay for you dumbasses who never learned)
6. I am male

Now take a picture celebrating my arrival.

Hi I'm Kelly and thank you for the invite I hope to meet alot of amazing and sweet new friends 😊 ❤ 💜

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Hi I'm new names Marcus
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