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I have published the Share Haiku mobile app for Android devices in the beta testing area of Google Play Store. Users of all ages may enjoy viewing and reading the haiku poems, and if inspiration hits you, create and share! 

Any members of the Dusty Reins DevLab have automatic privilege to click on the link below to download the app on your Android powered device. You will be prompted to agree to become a tester for the app and you can choose to quit testing at any time.

When a newer version is published, you will be prompted to install the new version as you normally do.  At this time the app should be pretty stable and we need to concentrate on adding new poems.  So get ready to have some fun getting creative!

All reports of problems and comments should be addressed to this discussion topic please.  Thanks to all for helping me out!


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The Good Thoughts application is now available for alpha testing. Members of this community can access the latest version by clicking on this link.

Thanks for helping me improve this application!

I have uploaded Rev. 2 of Life Photo Today and you should be getting an update notice on your device if you have the previous version installed. I have added an Alpha Testing info screen at startup which I will use to keep you informed of current and future changes.

Let me know if you like the dark theme for the app. I think it draws more attention to the images.

I have more work to do on the real-time camera capture and share feature and visual upload progress indicators will be the next area I will focus on for Rev. 3. 

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Here is the link to download and begin Alpha testing for Life Photo Today. Thanks for helping out and I am looking forward to seeing the photos of life you are capturing in your part of the world!

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Life Photo Today Rev. 1 has been published for Alpha testing in Google Play.  Much more work needs to be done on the user interface and workflow but major features are currently working on my test devices.

I will post a link once the app is listed.  (This process may take several hours.) But I wanted to give you a heads up about the new app in advance.

Besides helping me discover technical glitches which seem t0 arise on various Android powered devices, testers have an opportunity to add feedback about the user interface and workflow patterns.

There will also be a need for publishing some guidelines about the photos submitted, defining photo categories and user statistics as I add more features to the application.  Please add your feedback regarding Life Photo Today in the discussion group for testing this application. 

Glad it is available to all now! Take some time to relax now and have a beer on me.

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Map It! 1.0.49 is available in Google Play Store!

Extensive field testing today showed that Map It! is as good as the Google Maps app on my testing device even in very poor conditions for cell service in remote locations.  A couple of my co-workers are already excited about installing on their phones because it will help us get to to remote places more quickly.  We will also be able to share the locations with others when we need to.

Based on my experience so far (especially traveling to remote locations in the dark) this app shows promise to increase our overall productivity.

Thanks for those of you who have devoted some time to helping me stamp out the design, user workflow and glitches in functionality up to this point.  The next beta may be some time off unless something serious turns up.  I have a third app about halfway done and will also need to concentrate on marketing Map It!

Any help in spreading the word about Map It! is greatly appreciated and you can take credit for helping to make it as it is!

Spot It! 1.1.3 is now available in Google Play. This version includes enhancements to the Navigation Map which make it much more responsive to user movement.

Map It Rev. 5 includes enhancements to the navigation map making it respond much faster to user movement. I have also noticed better performance under situations where cell service is very spotty. 

The app listing in Google Play is nearly complete but I need screenshots of Map It! running on a 10" tablet, especially if your tablet supports SMS services. Please let me know if you can help out!

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I think I'm getting much closer to a stable release for Map It! I have done some testing on a tablet that has only WiFi, no GPS, SMS or geomagnetic sensor. That affects navigational functionality and sharing Places via SMS but the app detects this and will avoid problems when the device does not support those services.

My part time job gives me a perfect opportunity to test Map It! in some very challenging locations where mobile data services availability varies from  4G to 1x and none at all. Updating the maps in Follow mode doesn't require much data, but if I am too far away from a cell tower and in a vehicle on a ranch road, even the Google Maps app fails to play nice.

I would like to know how you are using Map It! for your practical needs. I will share some of my own experiences on my website.

Now I will need to update the graphics to be shown in Play store and try to improve the app listing while you bang on it to find bugs, misspellings, workflow  or just comment on usability for your own  practical needs .
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