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im kidnapped by team galactic,Im chained and im badly injured,i try to get free but i get a huge electric shock and pass out
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Name: giratina
Pokemon: Giratina
Level: 30
Likes: poffins,berries
Dislikes: people who try to catch her or attack her
Personality: calm and shy person,prefers to stay in the shadow because she is too shy to talk to anyone and because of that she is lonely
Moves: shadowball,dragonpulse,shadowclaw and bite
Ability: pressure:the pokemon raises the foe's pp usage´╗┐
Sign: ghost dragon
Bio: she lost her parents when she was 4,team galactic was expirimenting on them but it went wrong so the parents died,she had to survive on her own
Extra: can fly and can make a portal to the underworld and earth
(Btw i might make some other pokemon profiles too on this account if i may do that;))
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