I have today updated the Lefever GB database. I have added and additional 183 records all of these are Baptism, Burial and Marriage records from between 1700 and 1800 for the county of Lincolnshire. As a result of more data now being available I have also been able to de-duplicate an additional 12 records.

There are now over 3,600 records in this database alone, there are no doubt more duplicated records that I will continue to consolidate as more information becomes available.

Many new records have been added to the UK dataset on http://le-fever.org. These are mainly from the late 1600's through to the early 1800's.

There are now over 3,000 individuals in the UK dataset.

I have also been adding some records to the Belgium and France datasets and I will be uploading these to the website in the next few days.

I have added an additional 111 records to the Channel Islands data set. These are mainly births on Guernsey in the 1800′s.

This data is from the recently released parish records on Family Search.

Interesting facts from this data update:-

1) Three males with the surname Thoumine married three females with the surname Le Fevre. I wonder if they are all related? More research required, I just wish on-line research on the Channel Islands was easier.

2) For the first time in any of the Lefever research, any where in the world, that I have done I have come across records of twins being born. There are two sets of twins in this data update.

For more details visit http://le-fever.org

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Barbados Records

As a result of my research yesterday I found an Adelaide Lefevre born in Barbados, West Indies.

Thanks to +Bob Cumberbatch and Family Search I have now found a baptism entry for her and her brother and a burial entry for her father, Samuel, all in Barbados in the 1830's. As a result I have added a new Barbados page to the website.

See the records here

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Just done a data update for the Channel Islands and added another 50 records. http://le-fever.org/news/  

I now have a dedicated url for this study. Please visit http://le-fever.org

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Update of GB data. http://lefever.turnspain.com

I have just done a small data update to the GB data file. I have added 38 more records mainly from records on http://findagrave.com There were a few interesting stories discovered during this update and the first was a very
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