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First spiritual entry, day 1 of my redemption:
There is so much I must apologize for. I never expected him to do what he did. I fully understand my stupidity and laziness when I made the first bargain. Even the nawing at my soul with each passing moment cannot atone me of my sins. I do not deserve this slow inevitable destruction of even my soul and mind. I deserve far worse than can be done to me. I will humbly accept all I am sentenced to but I beg of you council. Allow me to finish this journal. Then punish me. This be my liberation that I can write what I think may stop this horrid mistake.
Written by Dark Wing 9 of the Earth demon forces. Dimension number NA.

Second diary note; day 12 of my last days of freedom before my destruction.
I was not always an arch demon. I wish I could say I was human but alas, I was a dog. Slave to man. My first pain is that in the entirety of my existence I have always served mankind. I never admired them. You humans say I was abused by a poor owner but I know better than to blame one man. Humanity has always hated the beautiful. I once fell in love with a living homeless girl. Her body stolen and forced in front of a train in front of her closest family. Even the kindest I've seen turn into a vile killer when scared. You look proof in the face and fool yourself into believing an outdated lie. Humans truly are despicable creatures.

And because of this I eluded those that feed off of animal souls. I'd seen what they do to spirits like me at the time. One day I watch one feast. Begin to wonder if I can do it. Within a week I'd become what I'd have eluded for some time. But then one day as I'd searched for strong spirits a humanoid one offered more than I could count. The Ninth Arch Demon. She taught me the basics to being a hellhound. During which I taught myself to speak. I was different from when I was alive. I no longer was bound by instinct or simple thoughts. But now had a near infinite processing capacity. Then she took me in as a brother. I know you humans might think you understand that word but do you truly? We do not love each other. We simply MUST work together. This is how I spent over a century before I devoured her in order to gain her place among hell's arch demons. Then I existed for over two centuries living her life. Around the year 1998 HE was born. The year prior a cult selected him. Not a living one no. To this day I've never found that cult's origins.

But that would not be known for years. One night time time had been altered in his house. Too weak to know why or who did it. As it was not my jurisdiction some idiot sent an amateur to haunt their every dreams. But found nothing about the time breach. As I am told the guy forced dreams of family members becoming tortured to death after one of HE woke up from a bad dream. Which he conveniently didn't monitor that night. I actually met him and he tells me something he can't explain forced him to monitor everyone but HIM that night. He also says when HE woke up he felt HIS fear was so unnecessary that he would perform the uncharacteristically sudden decision to torture HIS family. But HE would become subliminally experienced at erasing HIS dreams from HIS memory and ignoring painful facts. HE would become selfishly oblivious to all of HIS surroundings and absorbed in order. To HIM rules were law. Breaking them HE feared would trigger the dreams to return.

And as a teacher's pet he lived. For a while.
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