I've been holding off watching the final season, but couldn't wait any longer.  What a terrific season...top 10 finale in my book, and the last scene was probably the best acted last scene in a finale.  Wow is all I can say.

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Justified: Season 6 DVD Box Set Final Season

Last episode of Justified... "We dug coal together".. Whet is this shit leaking from my eyes!?

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Series finale tonight. It's been a heck of a ride.

Just watched Season 1 on Amazon Prime -- really helps with these last shows of the final season, lots of info I'd forgotten ... so sorry this show is ending, but Season Six is amazingly great.  Elmore Leonard would be proud.   #JustifiedFX  

Where do I find past epidodes and seasons? Was under the assumption it was on Hulu but there is only clips, wtf? And also On Demand (BrightHouse) is only up to date with Alive Day as last epidode. I also have NetFlix which doesn't have it either. Please help I need my Justified Fix!

Wonder if Boyd and Wynn will find a new safecracker.

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Great episode on Justified last night. As usual, the best line came from Deputy US Marshall Tim Gutterson, when talking about how some people wouldn't mind dying peacefully in their sleep:

Boy, just when I thought we'd finally found someone who could scare off Boyd Crowder (Markham), he surprises me again.

But my favorite line from Tuesday's episode was when Wynn Duffy told his goon to make sure Boyd wasn't carrying any cigarettes.
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