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This group is for anyone who loves life wants to create and enjoys learning while being uplifting and positive!
I'll be posting here many things as well as Facebook trying to ignite in you that spark of creativity that will lead you on your way to a better life!
I know I know, it's just drawing right? I felt the same way. When I first read all the benefits people were experiencing from 30-60 min. A day I was admittedly and shamefully skeptical about the whole thing. But when I started creating beautiful images I started to see results in areas I never dreamed would change. One area is my health I've dealt with chronic pain for over 6 years do to an accident the led me with a mangled arm and four amputated fingers on my right hand. (Yes I am right handed and yes I draw right handed😉, goes to show you anything is possible one stroke at a time!) A few months after I found Zentangle, and practiced it daily, I woke up one morning, Thinking man! I don't really hurt as much these days, not like the pain was gone, but it was noticeable less. This is just ONE of the things I've been blessed to have in my life these days. There are so many things that have come from this "Zentangle thing".
I'll try and post here atleast once a week to give you some tasters from classes and work that I feel I can share to help people grow in their creativity.
Please, feel free to do the same thing!!
we can all learn from each other and grow together in our techniques.
My goal in life is to be forever teachable, always willing to change, and to be the person I want my kids to grow up to be!
So join me here and let's have fun finding out how to (en)tangle our lives together. Learning from one another and growing in our art skills our life's skills and whatever else may pop up.

Oh! Almost forgot!
I wanted to let you all know there are now Zentangle classes available in Eagle River Alaska! So wether you live here or come for a visit, my door is always open. Forgetmenot Tangles is ran and operated by me, Amanda, one of the very few CZT's here in the Way Up North. Come over and check me out on FaceBook at.
or you can find my class schedule at
I'm holding classes 4days a week (Wednesday's-Saturday's) evening and daytime classes. I do parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, weddings, and pre-weddings(but I don't jump out of cakes, sorry;) work events, mother daughter teas, wine and cheese parties and so much more! Contact me by phone or email and let's see what we can do for you.
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