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Experience the miracle of the Namaqualand flowers – it is an experience of a lifetime! Namaqualand is almost like a desert for most of the year, but during spring time from August to September a wonder of nature occurs. After the winter rains the landscape becomes a richly colored carpet of wild flowers consisting of Namaqua Daisies, "Bottergousblom", "sambreeltjies", "varkiesknol" and many more. This phenomenal explosion of colour transforms the vast desert-like landscape of Namaqualand into a wonderland of flowers. Freeman Patterson calls it the “Garden of the Gods” It is no surprise that the Namaqualand spring flowers are world famous. After good rains winter this botanical masterpiece puts on a show that is unrivaled anywhere on Earth. Book a tour with us and come and enjoy the springtime flower splendour of the Namaqualand.
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