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assassin name; the red wolf

Full Name: Alexander Jamie grim (2nd name) jacoby Jackson grim

Nickname(s): (original) alex, aj (if I use the 2nd one) Jacob, jj

Gender: male

Likes: (if Jacoby/alex) swords, reading killing, guns, music, (if calypso) murder, mayhem, killing people and chaos

Dislike(if jacoby) being alone, losing control to calypso. (If calypso) losing jacoby , see jacoby/ hurt or worse, killjoys

Skills: Parkour, Acrobatics, expert at hand to hand combat, (all kinds) speaks and can translate all languages, expert with knives, cars, motorcycles, swords and guns

Religion: Christianity

Sexual Orientation: straight

Love Interest: depends on the rp

Age: depends on the rp

Hair Color: red and black (originally) black

Eye Color: blue

Species: human (if I use supernatural) half demon

Appearance: short hair with black biker jacket, fingerless gloves (sometimes he wears) heavy assassin clothes with a mask and has a spare mask with a right metal arm

Birthday: January 11th

Place of Birth: Wilmette, Illinois Chicago

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Languages OC Speaks/Knows: all of them

Fear(s): death

Pet(s)?: dog

IQ: very high

Ethnicity: American

Height: 5"3

Weight: 100

Medical Condition(s): none

Occupation: Assassin/hitman/tomb raider/serial killer

Right, Left, or Both-handed: right

Fandom(s): mostly all of it

Positive Traits:

• Bravery

• Proactive

• Loyal

• Creative

• Open-Minded

• Trustworthy

• Adventurous

• Enthusiastic

• Listener

• Intelligent

Negative Traits:

• Dangerous

• Hot-tempered

• Reckless

• angry

• Stubborn

• Violent

Agility: 7/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Confidence: 7/10

Cooperation: 5/10

Creativity: 9/10

Stamina: 7/10

Wisdom: 7/10

~Yes Or No?~

Athletic? Half of the time

Been Arrested or Taken to Jail? Yes

Been in a Band? Yes

Been in Handcuffs? Yes

Believe in Love? Yes

Been on TV? No

Been Pushed Into a Pool With All Your Clothes On? Yes

Been Suspended From School? Yes

Bookworm? Yes

Broken a Bone? Yes

Caught a Snowflake on Your Tongue? No

Contacts? No

Cross-dressed? No

Donated Blood? Yes

Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn’t? Yes

Drank Straight From a Liquor Bottle? No

Drinker? No

Dumped Someone? No

Eaten a Bug? No

Eaten Snake? No

Eaten Your Kids’ Halloween Candy (Or Any Kid’s)? No

Experienced Love at First Sight? Yes

Fallen Asleep at Work/School? Yes

Felt Like Killing/Wanting to Kill Someone? Yes

Fired Somebody? No

Forgotten An Anniversary? No

Glasses? Yes

Had a Close Brush With Death (Your Own)? Yes

Had Surgery? Yes

Held a Snake? Yes

Kissed in the Rain? Yes

Kissed Someone You Didn’t Like? No

Laughed Until Something You Were Drinking Came Out Your Nose? No

Made Your Gf/Bf Cry? No

Marched/Protested? No

Nail Bitter? No

Party Animal? Yes

Passed Out When Not Drinking? Yes

Played a Prank on Someone? Yes

Played Spin-The-Bottle? Yes

Pointed a Gun at Someone? Yes

Puked on an Amusement Ride? Yes

Ridden a Motorcycle? Yes

Ridden a Surfboard? Yes

Ridden in a Helicopter? Yes

Sang Karaoke? No (he hates it)

Sat on a Rooftop? Yes

Seen Someone Die? Yes

Seriously & Intentionally Boycotted Something? No

Shaved Your Head? No

Shot a Gun? Yes

Sing in the Shower? Yew

Skipped School? Yes

Sleep on a Certain Side of the Bed? No

Sleepwalked? Yes

Smart? Yes

Smoker? No

Still Love Someone You Shouldn’t? No

Think About the Future? All the time

Vegetarian? No

Walked a Moonlit Beach? Yes

Workaholic? No

Written Graffiti? Yes

All Talk or a Fighter? Both

Books or Movies? Both

Chocolate or Vanilla? Both

Comedy or Horror? Both

Confident or Unsure? Both

Daredevil or Cautious? Both

Disorderly or Neat? Neat

Early Bird or Night Owl? Both

Explore or Stay? Both

Fast Food or Homemade? Both

Fruits or Vegetables? Both

Fun or Work? Both

Introvert or Extrovert? Both

Juice or Soda? Both

Logical or Emotional? Emotional

Love or Money? Both

Mayonnaise or Ketchup? Both


Favourite Food: all of them

Least Favourite Food: none

Favourite Color: Red, blue, green

Least Favourite Color: none

Favourite Music: any kind

Least Favourite Music: Justin Bieber, slipknot and soft rock

Favourite Animal: wolf

Least Favorite Animal: pig

Favourite Book: horror books

Least Favourite Book: romance novels (lol)

Favourite Author: Stephen king

Least Favourite Author: none

~Soundtrack to your OC’s Life, 10 Songs~

1 Crooked teeth by papa roach

2 The handler by muse

3 Intoxicated by now and on earth

4Meet the creeper by Rob zombie

5Where did the angels go by papa roach

6 Uprising by muse

7 Shoots and ladders by korn

8 Last resort by papa roach

9 The light I hold by memphis may fire

10 This fire burns by killswitch engaged

Mood: Happy,Competitive

Health: Fantastic

Mental Health: Insane and Okay


Grandpa(s): Alex mercer

Grandma(s): unknown

Mother: Lara Croft

Father: Rex grim

Mother In-Law: none

Father In-Law: none

Stepfather(?): none

Stepmother(?): none

Aunt(s): unknown

Uncle(s): Patrick stump Adam grim (killed by alex) Daryl Dixon Merle Dixon

Cousin(s): John grim Declan stump,

Sister In-Law(s): none

Brother In-Law(s): none

Sister(s): Sarah grim

Brother(s): Tom grim link Trent grim Evan gabe

Husband/Wife(?): depends on the rp

Ex Husband/Wife(?): unknown

Daughter(s): depends on the rp

Son(s): depends on the rp

Adopted Children(?): none

Admire: depends on the rp

Admirer(s): depends on the rp

Friend(s): Tyler, aya Nero, shannon, blake, ruby, zenora, kayla Emily


Alternative universe backstory: he was once a normal kid until at the age of six his uncle did something bad to him and messed him up made him into a monster so he snapped and killed his uncle then his whole family and left trent in a coma and beat the hell out of tom now he goes under the name Jacoby Jackson grim and now he looks for peace

Backstory: he met aya, shannon, ruby and yang and blake after getting beaten and bruised by his uncle and alex brutality killing him at the age of 6 Alexander Jamie grim trained by his parents Rex and Lara grim to be an assassin and breeded to be the ultimate serial killer he became an assassin and a murder after meeting zenora he trained and knew killing is wrong and they became friends and they got separated due to a major gangwar now Alex looks for his friend as he becomes more and more twisted and darker

Creepypasta backstory: forgotten and beaten by his parents at the age of 6 Alex grim became assassin/ mercenary and he went back to his home he killed his parents with no mercy or regret he was later found by slender man and raised as a proxy

Zombie apocalypse backstory: with the apocalypse running AlexanderJamie grim finds himself looking for a place to call home while looking for his family

Dark Backstory:

He was beaten and raped by his uncle Adam his uncle cut his right arm off Alex got up and stabbed his uncle in the neck and cut his eyes out and shoved them down Adam's throat and alex watched has his uncle bled out with a twisted smile on his face
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