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Hi Red Dragon. Saw these flowers and thought of your post with the beautiful quilling picture. Thought you may enjoy this also. Take care.

Good morning! Would like to share-

2Tim. 2: 3-4, This is fine and acceptable In the sight of our God, and Savior, that all men (mankind) should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

What is the point being made here that differs totally from the world view of understanding God?

John 11: 11-14, in these verses Jesus is speaking about a situation that any of us, who loves someone, will need to deal with. From church and books and movies we can gain 1000 different ideas of what it means for those we love.

The Bible gives a simple, understandable answer for this situation we all struggle with in life. I am not citing the Scriptures because I rather you open the book in your own two hands. I hope it gives you comfort and relief. What is the important point Jesus makes onown?
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