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Is it worth preparing for CAT examination?

It is your personal choice whether you want to pursue MBA or not! Generally, people appear for CAT just to give a boost to their careers. There are many people who may not be satisfied with their current jobs. Shining in CAT means a ticket to good colleges and great job placements in India.

Also, if you are jobless, then giving CAT may be the smartest thing to do. It is essential to get good scores as merely giving the Common Admission Test won’t be sufficient. Getting good scores won’t guarantee you a seat into an IIM, but you might get admitted into a reputed b-school. If you are prepared for the Common Admission Test, then GRE, CET & GMAT will be a piece of cake for you.

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Strategy for CAT Quants

CAT is an all India strategic test driven my IIMs. This exam is taken by those candidates who wish to pursue their postgraduate course in management studies in Indian Institute Of Management.
Common Admission Test is scheduled each year around November end or December start.

CAT broadly covers the following subject heads in its portion-
• Verbal Ability
• Quants Ability
• Data Interpretation
• Logical Reasoning

Through this article I’ll be talking about the strategy to be adopted for Common Admission Test quants during exam.

1. Now that the day has arrived for which you were slogging with your books since couple of months, you are no doubt under extreme case of nervousness. No one is actually bothering you but your own thoughts. And questions like “what if the quants section comes tough?” are the most obvious ones if you are not confident about your math skills.

2. Even though you are well prepared, this sort of nervous breakdown is normal. All you can do is to build yourself tough enough to keep such negative thoughts at bay. You are well prepared and you have studied everything so why to kill the quants section by just that sting of being nervous.

3. Stay calm. Half battle is won once you are calm.

4. Do the easier questions first.

5. Do not waste time in attempting the tough questions. Time is the most important resource you have in Common Admission Test. You definitely cannot afford to lose it.

6. If in case you get stuck in some question, leave it there. Don’t try and make it an ego issue and deal with the same question for the next couple of minutes.

7. As far as Common Admission Test 2016 is concerned, on screen calculators are being provided. Practice with this calculator at home on your PCs so that it doesn’t give you an alien feeling during exam.

8. For geometry based questions, preferably draw a diagram. It may simplify your work and make it easy for you to make calculations.

9. Also, for certain calculations, take nearest round figures to make it easy for you to calculate. Don’t try to dwell in too complex calculations. You can always take round figures and deal with approximations.

10. Be in a position to use the tricks which will save your time. Know your tables well. Square roots and cube roots till 25 are a must to be memorized.

11. Some questions may be solved by going through the options. If you find such questions,do not waste time to solve the question and rather go by options.

All the best !

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"Tips for PI and GD's for IIM"

IIMs is a group of 20 management Institutes which are autonomous in nature. These institutes provide several postgraduate management courses to its aspirants.

To get admission in any of the IIMs, the candidate is required to crack CAT with a very good percentile. Once this is done, he/she will get a call from the IIM which has shortlisted that candidate for the next step .i.e. GD(Group Discussion) followed by PI(Personal Interview).

Now, GD is not really an easy task to deal with since you have to use each word of yours with utmost care in the GD room.

A few of the most important tips for GD are listed below-

1. Usually, a group of 6-10 people is formed and a topic is thrown to them. They have to discuss and analyse the topic given to them within a stipulated time limit given by the panel. At times, a group may be given a case study and asked for a solution or a conclusion to the situation.

2. Make sure to be noticed in the eyes of the panel. Your contribution in the discussion should not be merely saying a few lines and getting back to your seat. You should be such a speaker that your other mates are listening to you. Once this happens, panel members will surely notice you. Do not try to shout over your lungs to gain attention. Be assertive.

3. Do not wait for your chance to come. All those people out there inside the GD room want to be a part of this IIM in which they have gathered for GD and hence they all will strive to their blood and sweat to put their points forward and clear GD. So, learn to speak out your point whenever you feel you can, keeping in mind that for this you need not interrupt.

4. Always make sure that you are not saying stuff just for the sake of speaking something. Say meaningful lines and points. Quality is more important than quantity.

5. Always enter the GD room with a pen and paper and note down the points for the assigned topic. Obvious points will be said by almost all, so write something which is not obvious.

6. Try to gain a consensus. Most business leaders use this strategy. Convince people in such a way that they support your point. This will no doubt add a weightage to your words.

Once you are successfully through your GD round, next is the Personal Interview(PI).The moment you realise that you are now going to head for a PI in a few days, start doing your homework. Know in and out about the Institute you are heading for the interview. Learn from sources whether any new collaboration is made or any new cell or a course is introduced.

Be well prepared to answer the questions like-
What are your strengths?
What are your weak areas?
Where have you done your earlier studies from?
Why are you right for that business school?

Don’t restate the things already mentioned in your resume. Say something interesting and if you can relate it to a story(a real one), do that. Don’t manipulate things. They are very experienced people sitting on the other side of the table and they know when the interviewee is lying.
Speak to the point. Don’t fall in the trap of speaking too much when the interviewers do not interrupt. If there is some awkward silence in the room after you have completed with what you had to say, make use of an interrogative sentence.

Hold a friendly attitude throughout the interview. Don’t sound irritated at any point of time.
Even if you face a situation like the interviewers are noticing your anger and irritation even though you don’t want them to, just be polite and apologize to them.

Last but not the least, be well dressed. Don’t wear anything flashy. Sport decent clothes. Wear nice crisp trousers and shirt, enter the room as a whole and not by showing your face first and then the whole body
All The Best !

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Hey! I have given a brief out about the two fields in MBA degree.
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Exam Analysis: CAT 2015

Two Lakh, Eighteen Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty Four. That is the number of students that registered for the Common Admission Test (CAT) in 2015.

This year saw the highest registration ever since CAT 2010. In spite of this huge number, CAT 2015 wasn’t conducted on two days like CAT 2014. CAT 2015 was conducted on one single day. There were two slots. Morning & Afternoon. Also, students did not have the option of jumping between sections. Each section had to be solved individually. And solely in the prescribed time limit. The order was Verbal Ability, DI & Logic, followed by Quantitative Aptitude.

The test-takers for CAT seem to be increasing.
Up till 2013, the difficulty levels of the paper ranged from moderate to tough. The 2014 exam had some tough questions. CAT 2015 was similar to 2014. It had some easy as well as some moderate to tough questions.

Verbal Ability had 24 questions in Reading Comprehension. This was one of the major changes, compared to previous papers. Difficulty level of RC was moderate. Around 15-17 correct attempts would be considered a good attempt. The other major change was that, parajumbles and other VA questions didn’t have options this year. The plus part is that there wasn’t any negative marking here. The minus part was that one couldn’t depend on options for any help. All-in-all, the verbal section was easy and with 34 questions, could make or break a student’s attempt for a good percentile.

DI- LR section:
Questions in DI & LR were balanced. The pattern was of 8 sets with 4 sets DI and 4 sets LR. They were more or less moderate in terms of difficulty. Some questions had lengthy calculations. Others had complex diagrams/patterns along with easy questions. Due to lengthy sets, students found LR/DI to be a bit difficult.

QA section:
QA ranged from easy to moderate. Some questions were a bit lengthy. There were 5 questions on Geometry. The questions in Quant tested the foundations and logic-applying skills of the candidate. Students with adequate practice in Mocks and previous year’s papers were well-equipped to crack this section. The trick was to find sitters and get them over with. Another trick was to not waste too much time in case of any lengthy calculations and move on to the next question.

What matters here isn’t the toughness of the paper. Because toughness, is relative. What is tough for one student may not be tough for another. What does matter is the break-up and analysis of the paper and how a student can use that info to prepare for CAT 2016.
Learn from this analysis and prepare for CAT 2016 with gusto.
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