My credit card company just contacted me because of an unusual $477 charge from Leadpages. Can you help me? I don't have or use Leadpages.

Thanks for your help,

I had subscribed for a leadpages account for free trial.
I tried to cancel subscription within an hour of subscription but it won't let me cancel it. The page says I have to submit ticket which when I try clicking, it does not take me to any page.

Please cancel my account or delete it if you can. I do not want to get charged wrong because of it.

Can someone other than bots reply here please?
I want to delete my account on leadpages.
I do not want to get charged on my credit card. I have emailed you 3 times in the last 8 hours but no one other than bots reply to the query.
I do not get any response when I click on submit ticket too. I do not want to get into any of that stuff now.
Please delete my account.

I went to get the free template for the "opt-in bribe" and I was SOOOO disappointed because nothing came up!! It said there was something wrong with the link.

Are there any Real Estate marketing communities within Leadpages?

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So... my account keeps saying I'm overdue - my card on file has funds now on it since the decline, yet I still received a "Missing Leadpages?" email last night...

Account still on, leadpages and leadboxes still visible, but when I try to rerun the card on file, "Payment information update failed" - likely due to retyping the same card and trying to retry payment by clicking save.

Additionally, your top-notch support team hasn't answer my emails in 2-3 days - the first of which was sent well before final warning came to my inbox from your automated system.


I had cancelled my leadpages free trial. 5 days later I was charged 790$. I want my money back and no one will respond to my emails and calling them just leads me to an answering machine.

can u tell me the detail about fee charges of member ship of your academy?

Question leadpages. I need to use the checkout service just once. Can I upgrade for 1 month and downgrade the next month?


I have just noticed my credit card statement that I am charged 79 USD while I am not even using LeadPages seems its some sort of auto charge post any trial.

Request you to please check and issue the required refunds as I am not even using it ever in last 1 month.
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