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ask these 3
yellow guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Frisk from Undertale
Crying child from Five Night's At Freddy's
Fran Bow and Mr.Midnight from Fran Bow

nothing sexual because they're kids,for Malcolm's sake
don't be a too mean
don't spoil too much things,if you haven't seen fran bow,dhmis,undertale,of fnaf,leave
don't spam
Keep it kid friendly plz
have fun i guess

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"Any questions?"

Fran, how pills were in your pill jar? 

Frisk what is your opinion on chara?

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Fran... Where do you live? 

Fran how does blood come out of your eyes?

Hoi I'm new 

Fran, what do you think of Yellow guy & Frisk?

I just joined this community it looks a little anyone still active in here? and are ask still open?
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