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Gravity Falls:
Wendy: +Wendy Worshipper
Grunkle Stan:
Bill Cipher:

Depravity Falls (created by ?): A twisted/gory/violent version of Gravity Falls.
Depravity Mabel:
Depravity Dipper:
Depravity Bill:
Depravity Stan:
Depravity Ford:

Reverse Pines (created by yapypas): Initially a swap reversing the roles of Dipper and Mabel with Gideon and Pacifica. Also may include other characters, but nothing is set in stone.
Reverse Mabel:
Reverse Dipper:
Reverse Gideon:
Reverse Pacifica:
Reverse Bill:
Reverse Grunkle Stan:
Reverse Ford:

Monster Falls (created by winterbolt and her RP friends): Everyone in Gravity Falls are monsters (mermaids, vampires, etc.).
Monster Mabel(Mermaid):
Monster Dipper(Deer):
Monster Stan(Gargoyle):
Monster Ford(Gargoyle?):
Monster Pacifica(Anaconda):
Monster Candy(Fish Creature):
Monster Grenda(Fish Creature):
Monster FiddleFord(..I don't know):
Monster Gideon(Vampire):
Monster Wendy(Wolf):
Monster Soos(Slime Creature):
Monster Robbie(Zombie):
Monster Tambry(wolf?):

Fright Falls (created by droosy): Almost like Monster Falls, but the only monsters are Dipper (a werewolf) and Mabel (a vampire).
Werewolf Dipper:
Vampire Mabel:
Fright Bill:
Fright Stan:
Fright Ford:
Fright Pacifica:
Fright Candy:
Fright Grenda:
Fright FiddleFord:
Fright Gideon:
Fright Wendy:
Fright Soos:
Fright Robbie:
Fright Tambry:
Twinswap (created by droosy): An AU where several characters are mashed together to create one character (i.e. Mabel and Dipper, Pacifica and Gideon).
Parapines (created by ?): Basically what happens when Gravity Falls is set in the same universe as the movie ParaNorman. Also a shipping name for Dipper/Norman.
Para Mabel:
Para Dipper:
Para Bill:
Para Stan:
Para Ford:
Para Pacifica:
Para Candy:
Para Grenda:
Para FiddleFord:
Para Gideon:
Para Wendy:
Para Soos:
Para Robbie:
Para Tambry:

Older Pines: Aged-up versions of the characters.
Older Mabel:
Older Dipper:
Older Bill:
Older Stan:
Older Ford:
Older Pacifica:
Older Candy:
Older Grenda:
Older FiddleFord:
Older Gideon:
Older Wendy:
Older Soos:
Older Robbie:
Older Tambry:
Mystery Kids (created by ?): A gang of kids from all different lines of canon, usually including the Pines twins, Norman Babcock (ParaNorman), and Coraline Jones (Coraline). Of course, those are just the kids that show up the most. I’ve also seen Raz (PsychoNauts), Jamie Bennet (Rise of the Guardians), Lilo (Lilo & Stitch), and other added. There is no “set” Mystery Kids. The group includes whoever.

Cipher Pines (created by ?): Dipper and Mabel are possessed by Bill Cipher/they act as a replacement for him.
Mabel Cipher:
Dipper Cipher:

Bipper Bodyswap: What if, during the events of Sock Opera, Bill never left Dipper’s body and Dipper was left as a ghost?
Ghost Dipper:

Relativity Falls (created by ?): Switching around the ages of the characters; suddenly the Stanley theory is canon and Manly Dan works at the Mystery shack.
Manly Dan:
Relativity Dipper:
Relativity Bill:
Relativity Stan:
Relativity Ford:
Relativity Pacifica:
Relativity Candy:
Relativity Grenda:
Relativity FiddleFord:
Relativity Gideon:
Relativity Wendy:
Relativity Soos:
Relativity Robbie:
Relativity Tambry:

Antigravity (created by shacklefunk): Like the ageswap AU, but with Wendy and Soos as the kids who discovered Journal #3 and Dipper and Mabel as the teenagers who hang out with them.
Kid Wendy:
Kid Soos:
Teenage Dipper:
Teenage Mabel:

Human Cipher: Our favorite demonic polygon as a smelly human!
Human Bill Cipher:

Crossovers: Just general crossovers with GF.
Crossover Mabel:
Crossover Dipper:
Crossover Bill:
Crossover Stan:
Crossover Ford:
Crossover Pacifica:
Crossover Candy:
Crossover Grenda:
Crossover FiddleFord:
Crossover Gideon:
Crossover Wendy:
Crossover Soos:
Crossover Robbie:
Crossover Tambry:

Transcendence (created by zoeykoko-chu): Dipper absorbs Bill’s power and becomes a fully-fledged demon.
Full Fledged Demon Dipper:

Inverse Falls (created by starcipher): The marvelous Mystery Twins of Gravity Falls are Bill Cipher and Miss Star (the star from Gideon’s Tent of Telepathy). Could be paired up with Cipher Pines, I guess. Demon Twins is a working name (there’s no official one that I know of) so I can tag them.
Bill Cipher (Dipper):
Miss Star (Mabel):

Gender Swap: A gender-swapped version of Gravity Falls.
Gender Swap Mabel:
Gender Swap Dipper:
Gender Swap Bill:
Gender Swap Stan:
Gender Swap Ford:
Gender Swap Pacifica:
Gender Swap Candy:
Gender Swap Grenda:
Gender Swap FiddleFord:
Gender Swap Gideon:
Gender Swap Wendy
Gender Swap Soos:
Gender Swap Robbie:
Gender Swap Tambry:
Permabipper (created by samirows): What if being exposed to the mindscape affected Dipper to an alarming degree? Now we have Dipper the Dorito.
Dipper 'The Dorito':

Only Child (created by inumaru12): Mabel is stillborn and Dipper is raised as an only child. Growing up even more socially deprived than canon, Grunkle Stan’s attempts to “toughen him up” have some negative consequences.
Grunkle Stan:

Universe Falls (created by zoeykoko-chu): Dipper and Mabel are crystal gems, moonstone and sunstone, respectively.
Crystal Mabel:
Crystal Dipper:

Rebel Falls (created by cherryviolets): After the events of Season 1 finale, the town of Gravity Falls is thrown into an apocalypse of some sort, with a rebellion.
Rebel Mabel:
Rebel Dipper:
Rebel Stan:
Rebel Ford:
Rebel Pacifica:
Rebel Candy:
Rebel Grenda:
Rebel FiddleFord:
Rebel Wendy:
Rebel Soos:
Rebel Robbie:
Rebel Tambry:
Stoos Kids (created by crispystarr): Stan and Soos are kids working at the Mystery Shack who discover the Journal.
Kid Stan:
Kid Soos:

Kid!Bill: Kind of like Human Cipher, but Bill is a kid/takes the form of a kid and just generally annoys Dipper and Mabel. Hilarity ensures.
Kid Human Bill:

Coven (created by spacepanini and magecom): Dipper and Mabel are wizards under the apprenticeship of Stan.
Wizard Mabel:
Wizard Dipper:

Bound Phantomfalls (created by ectoimp): A crossover between Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom.
Phantom Falls Mabel:
Phantom Falls Dipper:
Phantom Falls Bill:
Phantom Falls Stan:
Phantom Falls Pacifica:
Phantom Falls Candy:
Phantom Falls Grenda:
Phantom Falls FiddleFord:
Phantom Falls Gideon:
Phantom Falls Wendy:
Phantom Falls Soos:
Phantom Falls Robbie:
Phantom Falls Tambry:

Over the Garden Falls/Gravity Walls (created by no one because let’s face it as soon as we saw OTGW we all thought of this): All the character interactions go under crossover, but the ones where Dipper replaces Wirt or Mabel replaces Greg, I put that under #otgw.
Gravity Walls Mabel:
Gravity Walls Dipper:
Gravity Walls Ford:
Gravity Walls Stan:
Gravity Walls Bill:
Gravity Walls Pacifica:
Gravity Walls Candy:
Gravity Walls Grenda:
Gravity Walls FiddleFord:
Gravity Walls Gideon:
Gravity Walls Wendy:
Gravity Falls Soos:
Gravity Walls Robbie:
Gravity Walls Tambry:

Elemental Falls (created by ?): Everyone in Gravity Falls represents a certain element (ex. Dipper is nature).
Elemental Dipper(Nature):
Elemental Mabel:
Elemental Ford:
Elemental Stan:
Elemental Bill:
Elemental Pacifica:
Elemental Candy:
Elemental Grenda:
Elemental FiddleFord:
Elemental Gideon:
Elemental Wendy:
Elemental Soos:
Elemental Robbie:
Elemental Tambry:

Blinded (created by dragonfangz): During the events of SotBE, Dipper’s memory is wiped and he is used as an asset by the Society.
Society Of The Blind Members(Can be more than one):

Asset Dipper:

Circus: For some reason, “circus” is filed under “what people think of when they think of Gravity Falls”. Everyone has had their take on the circus AU.
Circus Mabel:
Circus Dipper:
Circus Bill:
Circus Stan:
Circus Ford:
Circus Pacifica:
Circus Candy:
Circus Grenda:
Circus FiddleFord:
Circus Gideon:
Circus Wendy:
Circus Soos:
Circus Robbie:
Circus Tambry:

3am (created by palolabg): The older twins accidentally bond themselves to Bill, who uses his life force to make himself a human body.
Human Bill:
Bonded Mabel:
Bonded Dipper:

Pirate (created by boomsheika): Everyone is a pirate except Mabel (who is a mermaid).
Pirate Dipper:
Pirate Stan:
Pirate Ford:
Pirate Pacifica:
Pirate Bill Cipher:
Pirate Candy:
Pirate Grenda:
Pirate FiddleFord:
Pirate Gideon:
Pirate Wendy:
Pirate Soos:
Mermaid Mabel:
Pirate Robbie:
Pirate Tambry:

Fractured (created by purplethinks): A slightly edgier version of Gravity Falls, but with the same heart.
Fractured Mabel:
Fractured Dipper:
Fractured Grunkle Stan:
Fractured Ford:
Fractured Pacifica:
Fractured Bill Cipher:
Fractured Soos:
Fractured Wendy:
Fractured Candy:
Fractured Grenda:
Fractured FiddleFord:
Fractured Gideon:
Fractured Robbie:
Fractured Tambry:

Gravity Rises (created by sorophora): Mabel and Dipper are swapped, Gideon and Pacifica are swapped, and Stan and Ford are swapped.
Swapped Mabel:
Swapped Dipper:
Swapped Gideon:
Swapped Pacifica:
Swapped Stan:
Swapped Ford:

Tribute (created by ?): Bill possesses Mabel’s body and threatens to kill it if Dipper does not do his dirty work.
Babel(Bill as Mabel):

Joseon (created by ?): Gravity Falls set during the Korean Joseon dynasty.
Joseon Mabel:
Joseon Dipper:
Joseon Grunkle Stan:
Joseon Ford:
Joseon FiddleFord:
Joseon Wendy:
Joseon Soos:
Joseon Candy:
Joseon Grenda:
Joseon Pacifica:
Joseon Gideon:

Mystery Trio: 
Grunkle Stan:

Bipper n Birt: 

Grunkle Bill:
Grunkle Stan:
Grunkle Ford:
Human Bill Cipher:

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hi I am new here
Name:Twyla Cipher
Species:wind up toy/dream demon/shapeshifter
Personality:awkward, weird, quiet at times
Occupation:none yet
Relationships:Bill (brother), (open for friends)
Bio:She is Bill's sister and Bill always used to mess with her. One day he turned her into a wind up toy for fun but after that she had to stay a wind up toy and a human permanently. After leaving her brother she traveled around the U.S. and made it to Gravity Falls. She discovered the strange stuff about it and decided to stay.
The cringe

Name: Mark Shift
Age: 16
bio: ???
Personality: kind funny shy
Likes: creepypasta metal music anime
Dislikes: bullies yelling trolls stupid arguments
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Species: human

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Name: Wendy Corduroy
Nickname: Red pot
Species: Human
Appearance: Red hair, 15 year old female
Personality: Tough, Friendly, Smart
Occupation: Mystery Shack (cashier)
Relationship: None
Bio: Wendy Corduroy is a 15 year old redhair female that works with Grunkle Stan at the mystery shack, she's also a badass

Private rp on Kik or hangouts?

Kik: deathpony615

I'm bored, looking for someone to rp with. If you want to do a group one, message Fluffybottoms to my hangouts or my Kik.

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I actually liked _Loved__ Gravity Falls Series_

Tnx for the invite +Wubba lubba dub dub​​​​ btw

Name :Tōru Yukimura

Nickname: Yuki

Gender: Male


Personality: Has a lazy sounding voice and doesent trust people easily you have to earn my trust and does not like show offs.

Occupation:Manga artist.

Bio: After me and my friends graduated I decided to have vacation with myself and after I was searching places to go I found a place named gravity falls. When I went to gravity falls I already liked it because it was peaceful until one day a monster appeared good thing I brought guns and killed it in the back of my mind my brain was telling me to leave but it made everything interesting...

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Name: Alex Maxwell

Nicknames: Al, Max

Species: Human

Apperance: (In the pic below)


Selena Maxwell (Mom)
Henry Maxwell (Dad)
Jenna Maxwell (Sister)

Bio: He grew up in a very bad neighborhood. He couldn't go outside and play, so he stayed inside all day. When he was 9, him I and his family moved to Gravity Falls. Now, he's a serious loner.


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All three oc's (art not mine)

Profile Template
Name: Kanaomi (left), Cody ( middle) Keena (right)

Nicknames: Kana-kun

Species(Demon,Human,etc.): All three are half Demon

Appearance: picture.

Personality: Kanaomi: Subtle, quiet, intelligent, and curious perfect mix of Dipper, Robby, Ford, and Bill

Cody: SUPER NERD LIKE HOLY FACK but also chill perfect mix of Dipper, Soos, Wendy and all of Wendy's friends

Keena: Gothy, sassy, goofy, name it. She's not a blank slate! Perfect mix of all girls in gravity falls. (Except lazy Susan.)

Occupation(If Any): All three work at the mystery shack

Relationships(Family,lovers,etc.): All are related

Bio(Needed): Even they don't know their past. Well...not Cody and Keena anyway...


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Name: " I don't like telling that information,but my name is Mallory Nicole Angelo."
Nicknames: "May May, Dark Star,etc."
Species: "While I'm not human,Im not an demon either."
Appearance: "Well I put pictures for you so look at those and you'll know."
Personality: "Mysterious and quiet is what I am."
Occupation: "I work part time at the mystery shack."
Relationships: "While I do not have any crush, I do have an few friends and things. My friends are Mabel and Dipper,Wendy,and I have one enemy,Bill Cipher."
Bio: "I didn't mean to wonder in this place they call gravity falls,I was lost in the woods then Bill Cipher came. He was indeed charming but he wasn't helping me get back home. He lead me to gravity falls and then became angered by my refusal. He chased me in his full demon form and I hid in an shed as protection. Mabel and dipper found me and decided to let me work at the mystery shack so I could stay on my feet. Heck they even got me an place I could live for now."

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