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I bet I should make a profile to huh? Well, here goes...

Name: Kerasii (KE-RASH-EE)
Gender: AHEM! Male!
Height: 4" 9'
Sexuality: pansexual
Interests: having fun with smaller children, Hanji's thing with titans
Likes: playing with smaller children, titans, the great wall, girls, outside the walls
Dislikes: people who just don't get it, getting in trouble with the Garrison Regiment
Skill: Can run at 4mph and can jump over 3" boxes
Bio: "he's a nice guy until Its time not to be nice, but that rarely happens cause he can always keep his cool"

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Name: Skye, The Demon Titan
Gender: Male
Height: 15-20 meters
Interests: Titans, sometimes eats humans, he hides that he is a titan shifters
Likes: Fighting other titans, Being near other titans to observe them
Dislikes: Other Titan shifters, If he sees someone bothering his research he will probably kill them titan or not
Skill: He is very skilled and agile his titan build is more of an agile kind since he has claws he can climb walls using his claws to help him and he uses them for tearing out the backs of peoples necks out and very skilled in hand to hand combat being able to turn parts to crystal or increasing the healing process of the titan but when he gets really pissed he changes color losing all sense of humanity he goes on a killing spree killing titans and humans alike showing his true demon form

Bio: When Skye was little his father had injected him with the titan stuff turning him into a titan he went for day's looking around for one until he found one he wasted no time biting him in half he returned back to his human form he kept his abilities a secret from others until he figured out other titan shifters he started killing them killing other titan shifters he learned there moves and how to beat them he even killed some as human form he like to study the titans figuring out much about them and better ways to kill them or distract them he either spends his time in in abandon places full of titans watching them or studying them he does go on the walls some times though
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Hey anyone on? I'm bored...

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Name: Val, The Giant Titan
Gender: Female
Height: 40 metre class
Interests: Abnormal, doesn't eat humans, but attacks other titans.
Likes: Fighting other titans, Being near humans,
Dislikes: Titan shifters, If she see one she'll go after it to return to human.
Skill: Is bigger than most titans, still has skin. Can talk,

Bio: She was once a normal person, but was charged with treason against the city outside the walls, and executed by having serum injected into her and kicked off the wall. She was from a family line similar to the Reiss family and her titan form was bigger and stronger than other titans. Instead of chasing the other humans that were being sentenced to treason, she attacked the titans. She now walks towards the walls, close to reaching the entrance to the first colossal titan attack.
Her titan body is similar to the armoured titan and colossal titan, if they were merged together.
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Name: Grub Hermit
Age: 70 (Stuck at 20 after powers activated)
Gender: Male
Height: 5.6 ft
Interests: The connection of titans and his family
Likes: Food, Fighting titans,
Dislikes: Losing limbs, replacing missing clothing.
Skill: Has the same abilities as regular titans.

Bio: Grub cones from a family line that if titan serum enters their body, instead of transforming into titans, their bodies change and take on titan abilities, like regeneration, and become ageless. However, Grub was the only one to have this effect, his pregnant mother was eaten and vomited by a titan. He was cut out and raised as a human, but after 20 years, his titan ability had manifested, and he was a human titan. 50 years later he wanders the walls and after encountering some titans, learned that they see him as just another titan, and ignore him.

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"Come at me titan"

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