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welcome to my role playing community u will need a profile and enjoy
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Ok who changed the name

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how did i get here

standing on top of a roof waiting for demon come on it so boring

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Name: anne/night
split(s):night,dark night and dark anne,black rose
Nickname(s): shadow queen,dat way, black heart
Species: just know more then one
Hometown:dark side
Occupation/Job:I got a lot so...
Other Items:don't ask
Other Abillities/Talents:you can find out yourself
night:mean,love to kill,hate beening around people but shadow
black rose:nice,mean,like to be with amy and shadow
dark anne:love to kill,mean,rude
dark night:want to kill all the time,want to kill shadow (sorry),mean and rude as hell
Eye Color:red,white,black,blue,pink,and more
Fur Color(s): can tuner what color I want
Natural Appearance:
Weaknesses:find out yourself
Forms:dark side
Goals:to keep my Kingdom safe
Likes:love family and friends and loves to kill with my brother shadow
Dislikes:someone trying to kill me or my friends,family
Allies: (Friends)shadow,sonic(I don't like him but he is my brother)amy, okay just keep know a lot
Enemies:everyone because I still try to kill the people I love
Family Members:a lot and I am not naming them all
Fears:shadow when he is mad and my dark sides
Bio/Backstory:I am the princess of the dark side I learned how to fight by shadow fighting me,I try to kill a lot for my friends but my brother away stop my I worked with eggman and he want me to work with him again
Extras:no now get OUT MY FACE
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hi iam hypersonic and iam nice Hedgehog anyone want to talk with me
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Thanks for the invite

Yo bro ps2 devil my cry was lit

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gets off my bike and grabs my guns time to kill the guilty Walks around the town

siting in a Hilltop
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