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I am an experienced attorney offering high-quality civil litigation skills, combined with good business judgment and open communication. I practice bankruptcy, real estate, criminal, motor vehicle, and personal injury law in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
Michael Schwartzberg
Michael Schwartzberg

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Hey guys! I created a chat on Telegram for a group of mine at the pride center, and it's going really well! So I figured, why not make a general men's chat as well, so I did! You can download on almost all platforms iOS,OSX,Win,Linux,Android,web browsers.. etc.. Once you have it, you can click this link: That will add you to the chat room! :) You can share, pics, videos, stickers, voice recordings, links, files and more!
It's also really easy to create a chat on telegram, I encourage a woman to do the same for the ladies!

Meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Pride Center of NJ for the Young Men's Social Network

We also now have a telegram group where we can all chat anytime, message me on telegram for the link @shymatsi

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Rise Up As One: After Orlando is a community building event/speak out for the community to come together, meet each other, and discuss some of the major issues we are experiencing as a community. This event will be held at the Pride Center of New Jersey on Friday, July 29th from 730-9pm.

We believe in the wake of Orlando that it is imperative that we come together to speak about how we can move forward from this tragedy and build a strategy for the future, together.

Come join us!

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