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Important Anouncement
Regulations for the future of this community

This place hasn't been really used, but, that's mainly my fault. I've decided to change things up a bit.
First off, it's no longer invitation only.
It's still ask to join, but I I would like to see a few new faces here.
Second, new categories are currently available and being made for more flow, creativity, and sharing of opinions and ideas. Descriptions should be pretty self explanatory, but if there are any issues, feel free to ask me.

Now, as for rules, they will appear in the description soon.
Thank you for your time and welcome to the community.

-Lightning Cloud, Founder and Leading Creator

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Haven't played guitar in a month or two
Maybe even more..
But I still remember Hey There Delilah and play it alright

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Found a video of me playing some Star Wars stuff on my guitar
Why did I took this in school though?

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Sorry for my lack of posts here. Lately life has been keeping me off, but I'll try to post more from time to time XP.

(Pic unrelated)

So, Ive decided to start working on some new music for a new album I'm putting together. I have also decided to make it space themed.

I do have a quick question for anyone who might want to help.
I'm looking for an artist that might be able to help in the creation of the cover art.

Since I'm still working on many of the songs as of now, I don't really expect an answer right away, nor, if you do, don't expect me to reply right away.

If you are interested, comment on this post and I will see about contacting you.
It would be very helpful.
Thank you ahead of time.

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I like to draw things

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Some more night pics on my campus at night.
4 Photos - View album

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I think this bird found out about the dab.

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I took this picture on my phone last year during fall on my collage campus. It turned out much better then I thought it would.
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