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Do you spend your days dreaming of your next ‪#‎getaway‬ or planning a spontaneous weekend ‪#‎trip‬ somewhere far and new? Then, maybe, you have a serious case of ‪#‎travel‬ addiction.

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Want to make #travel #planning a breeze? Check out these tip-offs to learn how you can plan a memorable #vacation in a very easy, convenient and efficient way.

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Looking for a 2015 Half Marathon? "Search by MONTH" pages, for half marathons across the USA, are up to date thru NOVEMBER 2015, for races that have their 2015 date posted, at the Half Marathon Calendar.  Time to get running :)  
Start searching for your 2015 half marathons.

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Have you ever been to a town that was too tough to die? Follow me and I'll show you where it is!

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Come with me to visit the Oldest City in North America. You just might be surprised and nope, it's not Jamestown, either.

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Recently I visited the Grand Canyon (West Rim) and spent a night at the Hualapai Ranch. Trapping the astonishing Grand Canyon in words is indeed a challenge and that's why I decided to write about this exciting trip of mine in parts. I will start with the tale of a romantic starry night amidst the vast barren landscape of Hualapai Ranch, which was akin to a desert. 
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Gatlinburg, TN or Smokey Mountains

Looking for a cabin or place to go and enjoy the fall and leaves changing colors.

Anyone have any recommendations for a cabin(s) to stay at in Gatlnburg or anywhere in the Smokey Mountains?

I'm in Myrtle Beach for the week. This trip was mainly for relaxation, but does anyone have any restaurants, bars, or any other hot spots I may need to visit?
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