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My Top Ten Zelda Games

Note: I know this and DBZ fights were tied on my poll, I've just had more time to think about this one and really been wanting to post it. This is also excluding Hyrule Warriors.

10. The Adventure of Link
9. A Link Between Worlds
8. The Wind Waker(Gamecube)
7. Skyward Sword
6. The Legend of Zelda
5. A Link To The Past(SNES)
4. Majora's Mask(64)
3. Twilight Princess(Wii)
2. The Wind Waker HD
1. Ocarina of Time(64)
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+Link&Luigi64 Remember this community?  

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Who's Your Favorite Out of Nintendo's Three Big Baddies! 
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King Dedede

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RIP Satoru Iwata

An Amazing Person, 
Who Was So Dictated In His Work,
Tock Advice From His Customers,
Make Sure All The Work Turned Out As Good As Possible,
Had Creative and Hilarious Ideas Especially In Advertisements 
And More
Is Sadly No Longer With Us.
We Will Miss You.
All The People You've Made Happy and Companies You've Helped Get This Far,
Are Thankful To You.



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This would be the most epic movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other than make me excited about 2016, all Hyrule Warriors Legends has done for me is increase my love for Tetra now that she's the first Zelda to wield a gun. XD

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Every time people try to ship a picture Toon Zelda and Toon Link from Wind Waker...

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Please, please tell me I'm not the first one to realize they brought back the rap song...

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Has anyone ever wondered, 
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