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Hey olivine! Since you have Homeworld logic,
Do u recognize these gems?
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Hey turk, what was it like on Homeworld? You seem to still have a yellow diamond uniform so I assume you still have some memory

Hey Peri, you are a red pearl, why is your name Peri? And also, if you are a red Pearl was there a red diamond? Or did you just belong to a gem Elite?

Sorry to ask but, who's who again?

Hey fluorite! How recently did you come to Earth?

Who's enjoyed earth the most?

So Peri, did you ever belong to a diamond? Your color is different than other pearls.

What makes you different from other Rubies?

Can you bend metal to your bidding?

So Dot, did you know that there's another Peridot on earth?
She's a crystal gem!
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