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Looking for a Federal Job? If you are thinking about hiring someone to help, here's advice on credentialing
Top read from @Federal_Job_Fit "Help With Your Federal Job Search: Credentials" #government @CounselingViews @ICFHQ

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CMS is hiring!!
CMS IS HIRING!!! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seeking a Social Science Research professional. A career with CMS offers the opportunity to affect millions of American lives while helping to oversee the Medicare and Medicaid programs. We are looking for an analyst who is proficient in statistical data analysis to work in the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics within CMS.
Working in the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics, you will serve as a Social Science Research Analyst responsible for performing program and policy analyses of services provided by HHS programs. You will develop and use surveys, market research, and statistical methodologies and techniques to conduct studies of assigned HHS programs. Specifically you will:
• Develop and conduct analyses to identify and understand the needs and preferences of HHS health and human services programs and the populations they serve. 
• Plan, coordinate, and develop new tabulations and syntheses of data and other information from numerous sources, including CMS administrative and survey data, and other health related data sets, such as Census, private payer, or business data.
• Utilize computer software, such as, SAS/STATA or SQL programming languages, to analyze and retrieve statistical information to be included in work products. 
• Develop statistical data and information products, including those for public dissemination, such as dashboards for data visualization, and interactive statistical tables.
• Plan, perform, and manage research studies and policy projects related to Medicare and/or Medicaid or HHS program populations.
If you are right for this job, now is the time to apply!! In order to be considered for the position, you MUST apply by following the instructions found in the vacancy announcement no later than April 16, 2015.
Link to the job announcement:

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USAJOBS will post information about their next free Federal Resume workshop early next week. Go to to register. It will be listed with the spotlight jobs. Register early because it fills up quickly. Don't forget that they are doing web maintenance on Valentine's night.

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Archeleta on her leadership style
Director Katherine Archuleta talks about her #leadership style and how she manages projects in the workplace. It's a lot like her love of cooking. 

"Success in the workplace and success in the kitchen are a lot alike. Cooking is about the preparation, the presentation, and the first bite. These same steps can apply when we think about our jobs. How do we prepare? How do we present our work? What happens when our customers take their first bite? Is it satisfying? How can we improve the recipe?" 

CLICK to read more:

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How do you plan to establish goals for this year? What's your "plan of attack?" Please click on the link to my Careers In Government guest blog, read my article, and take a moment to leave a comment. Many thanks for your support!!

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Coauthor Janet Ruck, the Geezer Goddess, has spoken

It appears that I am going to be a blogging partner for Careers in Government – sort of fell into that one, but am glad I did.  In order to stay a partner, I need to attract comments to my post.  I am hopeful that you want to read it and leave a comment:, and there is the link to my bio:  
Thanks for your support – let me know if you need anything like this.


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