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Automatic braking is designed to help drivers avoid a collision. The system typically relies on radar sensors that can detect objects that come within a certain distance of the vehicle.

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Brake Warning signs include:

- Squealing or grinding noises when using brakes. This could mean your brakes need to be adjusted or that your brake pads are worn and need replacement.

- Your dashboard's Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light turns on. This indicates that your brake fluid is low. You may have a leak in your brake line. Get it inspected.

- While braking, your car pulls to one side. This means that your brakes need adjustment, there is brake fluid leakage, or your brakes are worn out and need replacement.

- Your brakes are hard to press down or feel "spongy." Usually this means air has gotten into your brake lines or you may have low brake fluid.

- When applying your brakes, your steering wheel, brake pedal, or entire vehicle begins to shake. If this happens, your brake rotors could be warped and need replacement.

When you notice any brake warning signs, contact our professional staff by phone, or email, immediately and we'll take care of it.

Bring your vehicle to either of our two locations: Mr. Nobody Tire at 2691 Union Rd., Gastonia, NC. 28054 Phone: (704) 868-3601 or Mr. Nobody Tire at 501 E. Long Ave. Gastonia, NC. 28054 Phone: (704) 866-9441, we can diagnose and fix the problem to get your brakes working again. Schedule an appointment to have your brakes check at:

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