Corvo sits in the cafeteria looking out the window. Lately he's been quiet and shy. He hasn't talked to anyone in a few weeks ((open rp))

Yang starts to take Corvo back to Sakura's dorm while she and Blake fight off Adam. ((Closed to +Starlight Chaser))

Corvo fights off Roman's thugs as Sakura watchs. Cardin laughs as he observes the fight.((closed to +SakuraRan Light))

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Name: Corvo Attano
Age: 17
Race: Half-wolf half-human
Weapons: Sword of the Soul Eater(red sword), Blazefire Sabre(gunblade), combat knife, two modified flintlock pistols, his two Yu-gi-oh! decks and his Earthbound Immortal cards, and two obsidian daggers
Abilities:Able to summon his cards at will, and is granted special abilities from the mark on his right hand.
(From least powerful to most powerful)
Immunity: His mark grants him immunity from area of effect magic that alters time or nature. It also lessens damage dealt from area of effect magic.
Resilience: Damage he takes from all magic attacks is reduced.
Summoner: Able to summon and use his cards at will.
Memory Share: Able to reach into the memories of any person he touches and can share his own memories with the person at will.
Mind Control: Able to control up to the creatures of darkness at a time.
Spellbinder: Able to rend one persons magic useless for a certain amount of time.
Shadow: Able to create a clone of himself that lasts for a certain amount of time.
Personality: Usually quiet and defensive of himself and his friends, he is friendly until provoked. Don't make him hate you cause he won't let it go till your dead. There are three sides to him.
Normal: The normal Corvo that you'll see walking around.
Insane: You'll know which side your with based on his eyes. When normal, his eyes are white with orange pupils. When insane, however, his eyes will be black with purple pupils. He will also smile like a madman and act more psychotically when insane.
Hysteria: This only occurs when his normal and insane halves achieve synchronization. His face will be expressionless and his eyes will be normal. This s when he is his strongest.
Dislikes:Bullies, people who betray him, and people who call him weak
Bio: Having been raised by only his father till the age of 12, Corvo has never had a friend. His A.I., Katherine, has been his motherly figure since his actual mom died when he was only six months old. His father never spent much time with him other than to train him so he and Katherine have been close since Corvo was little.
Additional Appearance: Both his arm are mechanical, he will call them automail though, as is his left leg. He has six tattoos, two purple lightning bolts on either side of his face, two dragons(picture) on either side of his chest, a sword encircled by a rose btween the dragons on his chest, and a combination of Greek symbols(picture) on his back.
He wears the black coat shown however he also wears the blue outfit shown. The circle is on his right hand. He calls his motorcycle a duel runner. 
Earthbound Immortal names:
Uru(the spider)
Asilla Piscu(the hummingbird)
Chacu Challhua(the whale)
Ccapac Apu(the giant)
Ccarayhua(the lizard)
Wiraqocha Rasca(the other bird)
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