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I’d like to inform all Google+ members on the promotion we are offering companies located worldwide regarding Sponsored Registration which was introduced to the web directory this year:

All companies that register within the 15th  of January 2015 with Advanced Membership (for the cost of GBP 170,00/year) will receive a 1 year upgrade to Premium Membership (for the value of GBP 980,00/year) with no extra charge. 

(This offer also includes companies who are already registered and simply upgrade within the 15th of January 2015  from basic/free membership to Advanced Membership) 

For any information regarding benefits of Advance Membership (banners on homepage & on the exhibition calendar) in addition to benefits of Premium Membership (appearing as a featured company in the directory and possibility to load images of products)  please consult terms & conditions, point 6 at the following link:

This offer is limited to the following type of companies:

- Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Online Retailers and Agents of: 

Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Accessories & Components for Watches & Clocks, Precious Semi-precious & Synthetic Stones, Packaging/Cases/Rolls/Display Cases, Machines, Supplies & Accessories 
- Bullion & Noble Metal Banks

- Metal Analysis Laboratories

- Gemmological Laboratories

- Refinery/Refreshing Companies

- Mines (precious, semiprecious & synthetic stones / precious & semi-precious metals)
- Galvanic Companies

- Valuers & Appraisals

- Modelists/Stylists

- Stone Setters & Cutters

- Laser Designs/Cutting services

- Jewellery Schools

- Associations/Consortiums

- Show Room Furniture Supplier

- Sector Related Exhibitions (Registration is free of charge on the exhibition calendar)

- Trade Magazines

- Support Service Companies: 

Jewellery Photographers, Shipping Agents, Insurance Brokers, Security Services/Surveillance, Alarms & Security Systems, Accountant/Consultant, Software and Computer System Consultant, Web Development/Services, Translators, Office & Show Room Furniture Supplier, Exhibition Equipment/Furniture/Services.

Companies who prefer to  register with  free registration can do so by going on homepage , clicking on Login/Registration on the top left corner and choosing the relative registration level. Please do feel free to contact us at for any assistance if needed. 

Best Regards
Richard Jakusconek
World Jewellery Pages Ltd.

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Hi, I thought this community would appreciate our latest "Creative Stories" video on Debbie Sheezel and her amazing enamel jewellery and enamel installation at Brisbane International Airport.  If you liked this video we have many more Artists on our "Creative Stories" web page #enameljewelry  

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A great network of enameling artists.

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