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Name: Godzilla
Nickname: Gojira
Age: Unknown
Gender: M
Sexuality: S
Family: +Ghost Godzilla the true king Of the Monster+Godzilla King of the Monsters+Legendary Godzilla 2014+Godzilla The King
Powers/Abilities: Atomic Breathe, Nuclear Pulse Attack, Heat atomic Breathe, Spiral Death Beam, Nuclear Pulse Wave, Nuclear Pulse Shockwave, Regeneration, Healing, Power Upgrade
Forms: Super, Hyper, Heritage, BlackHole, Neo/Cosmic
Forms Powers: Super Spiral Death beam, Omega Spiral Death beam, Hyper Spiral Death Beam, Super Nuclear Pulse Attack, Hyper Spiral Death Beam, Tail Kai Blast, Chest Beam, Super Beam, BlackHole Chest Beam, BlackHole Atomic Death Beam, BlackHole Kai Blast, BlackHole Super Pulse Attack, BlackHole Super Pulse Shockwave, Neo Atomic Death Beam, Neo Lazer Eye, Neo Nuclear pulse attack, Neo nuclear pulse Shockwave
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"Good thing i cam in perpared!!!" 
Name: Chancezilla
life: chance is a human untill godzilla dna gotten into chance body as he becomes chancezilla the powerful kaijju human he oringal lives in monster island but now he lives in mothra island 
friends: moths kaijus 
Duty: to defend infant island and earth 
spices: human ( have godzilla dna to be stronger ) 
sides: peaceful 
Personalty: funny brave smart kind friendly 
likes: human childen kaijus moths 
dislikes: evil kaijus destruction  death

ant very much had be going on here

I hate I had to get rid of my other account because it was not working

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Name : barugon
Age : ???
Gender : male
Species : ???
Personality : tough
Skills : finding diamonds quickly
Powers : rainbows that shoot out of his back , extending tongue
Duty : Destroyer
Side : evil

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Name: Eleking
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Species: Space Kaiju
Personality: Unpredictable
Skills: Able to swim
Powers: Electricity
Duty: Varies
Side: Varies

Mind if I start Role Playing?

I have no idea what I'm doing here. But I have a lot of dice and free time.

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Godzilla ( ゴジラ)
Age: Unknown (rumor had it ad old as time it's self or from an other dimension)
Race: Godzilla
Gender: Male
Personality: serious
Skills: can destroy everything if he pleases.
Powers: Atomic ray, nuclear pulse, hyper spiral atomic ray, super charged atomic ray, super charged nuclear pulse, can absorb any energy and use it, immune to many things, regeneration, very tough skin, and can withstand just about anything, shares a mental link with a human female
Duty: To one day exterminate humanity and everything that stands with them
Side: his own

No one is quite sure where Godzilla came from. All that is know is he is a dinosaur that naturally absorbs radiation and is very tall (100 meters). He just showed up and attacked Tokyo one day during a horrible storm. Ever since he just vanished, becoming a legend. But now he has returned to destroy humanity for its stupidity. But he has gained a mental connection with the a young girl and now they both show a bond and he will protect her at all cost...


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Name: Crogzilla
Age: 4
Gender: male
Species : Monster
Personality: playful and aggressive
Skills: quick on his feet and smart
Powers: Bark and Atomic Breath
Duty: live a successful life
Side: peacful
Bio: japan's backyard
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