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Welcome to Black Butler Role Play! Please post your profile as soon as possible. We want as many people role playing so people don't have to wait to role play.

Most of all, have fun!

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((Any Human))
You are walking through a dark forest in the Highlands of Scotland. There are rumors that you could find a demon residing in this forest and you plan to have it do your bidding. From the dark you see a pair of glowing red eyes

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Name: Tatsuya Amano
Description: there is a picture
Race: human
Age: 18
Weapons: keeps kunai and a small knife
Powers: none
Likes/dislikes: likes: having my way, metal, punk, breaking rules
Dislikes: being told what to do, anyone who doesn't like me
Contracts: looking for a servant
Bio: I was born to fend for myself. Left on the street corner by my parents I don't know who my mom or father are but I know they want nothing to do with me. I was picked up by a couple of thugs who raised me til my early teens, at that point I was left to fend for myself. What followed was a life of crime. All I had was a switch blade and a few coins. My only way of making even the slightest bit of cash was robbery. When I turned 17 I found a job, cleaned up and bought a small house on the wrong side of town. I tried to settle down and focus on an education. I spent a year at school and was able to afford a moderate sized house. I taught myself how to use a few weapons and started hunting bounties for anyone ams everyone who asked.

((+Ryan Williams ))
There has been a series of violent murders of women with similar appearances. Their internal organs have been harvested. We plan to stop this serial killer before he/she strikes again

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Akuryo(bad spirit) Tenma (demon)
Goes by Akury

Race:half demon half reaper (spirit demon)


Age: looks 17-19 but has a few millennia

Death scythe: picture 4

Abilities:can be silent and quick like a spirit. Is also able to give a room the feeling of a spiritual presence(make the room extremely cold and uneasy), is not in need of glasses like a normal reaper

Likes:music, art, nature, odd/gothic fashion, irony ,sweets,rain, winter

Dislikes:insults, being yelled at when unnecessary, being stared at

Looking for a mortal to make a deal with.

I have been hidden by the other demons for my reaper like methods until 100 years ago. I have made one deal since then and have been in hell even since. For those who wish to summon me,simply go to a place people have died in a cruel or sad way.

Appearance(demon): in her demon form, she has murky, muted green eyes, silver hair and a gray, spirit-like body that lookes like she has a long skirt flowing from her waist. She wears chains around her arms and neck that look almost like what a priest would wear.

Appearance(maid): as a maid, her eyes are bright green. She has long gray hair that she keeps in loose twin tails and pale skin. She will usually wear a gothic maids dress unless the one she makes a contract with wishes her not to.

Picture 1
Maid form
Picture 2
Demon form
Picture 3
Picture 4
Death scythe
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This is so long and read worthy.
Animated Photo

there's been a brash of rape homicides in the area, and you've been contracted with Michael to help (open, just jump in. No need to ask)

Annabeta sits in an empty room of the Kelsberg Estate during your day

Name: Annabeta Shihoin
Age: ?
Race: Angel
Weapon of Choice: Knives hidden in her butterfly pin
Occupation: Maid of the Kelsberg Household
Likes: John... in a less than appropriate way, messing with Michael.
Bio: She was hired as the maid of the household before the death of John's parents. she dislikes speaking about her personal life.
Appearance: Small, and curvy, her golden eyes and skin are compliment her flowing black hair
Personality: shy but seductive
Powers: ability to control light
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